The man pretended to be a wealthy business and cheated more than a dozen women, causing multiple people to become pregnant!More than 6 million fraud!

Seeing the man cheating for wealth, he was finally arrested …

In the film plot, Gao Fushuai’s scene of marrying Bai Fumei is not uncommon. Many single women dream of getting married to the perfect half.Recently, a number of women in Zhongshan called the police that they were cheated by the "husband" that they knew the Internet. The other party not only associated with multiple women at the same time, but also cheated more than 6 million yuan. What was going on?


Xiaoxiao (pseudonym), who lives in Guangzhou, has outstanding appearance and talent. It is a veritable "Bai Fumei". Like most single women, she is eager to marry a "Gao Fushuai".

In October 2018, Xiaoxiao met Wu through social networking sites. The two were in love with each other, and the relationship was sublimated quickly.

In the eyes of Xiaoxiao, although her husband is divorced single, he is diligent and worked hard to engage in clothing leather trade business. He earns one million years. There are several houses and two cars.

(Suspect chat records)

However, shortly after marriage, her husband continued to apply for loan transfer on the grounds of work and funds.Xiaoxiao held the mentality of supporting her husband’s career, and loaned more than 100 million yuan to her husband through the use of credit cards, online loans, mortgage and other methods.

Strangely, every time her husband asked Xiaoxiao to transfer to the account name of different women, Xiaoxiao once doubted, but he was pregnant, and only continued to believe in her husband!

(Partial transfer records of the suspect)

It wasn’t until early 2019 that Xiaoxiao accidentally found a number of court judgments related to her husband Wu from the Internet. He learned that Wu not only associated with multiple female netizens at the same time, but also on "wife"Borrowing money is extremely similar to his own experience, so he realizes being fraud.In anger, Xiaoxiao decided to call the police.

After receiving the report, the torch police quickly launched the case for investigation.On March 4, 2019, the suspect Wu was successfully captured by the police. A number of victims of bank cards, POS machines, forged certificates, mobile phones and other crime tools were seized on the spot.

In addition, the police also investigated that the suspect Wu was not engaged in clothing business or a boss, and was a unemployed.

(Capture the suspect Wu Mou)

(Search for the crime tool)

After interrogation, the criminal suspect Wu confessed that he lied his feelings, age, and property status without normal work, and continued to send messages through social networking sites to attract the victims of women.

More than 10 million yuan for cheating and fraudulently cheated more than 10 million yuan for gambling expenses. A small number was used to repay the victim.Fix the next goal of the crime.

In addition, the suspect, Wu, also used the victim’s credit card to make malicious overdrafts, and refused to return some credit cards to the victim, causing the victim’s credit reporting problems.

On April 10, 2019, the criminal suspect Wu had been approved by the crime of suspected fraud and forgery.At present, the case is under further trial.

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