The man took advantage of the girl’s pregnancy, but did not expect that the girl counterattacked this way#family emotions

The man countered this while the girl was pregnant.

In the end, why did the girl who was pregnant for more than 6 months sent a foam box to her boyfriend’s house?My dear, you see that my belly has been more than 6 months, and even if you drag it down, you ca n’t even wear a wedding dress. I do n’t want to wait for the child to get married after birth. My mother is also distressed by the children in my belly.Promise that the marriage is simple, and Cai Li has dropped again. Our family has made so many concessions. Can’t you discuss with your parents there?

Baby, I have went home to discuss with my parents.They said that the wedding was scheduled to be on May 20th, and the two in our lives could not treat you this time.Cai Li will not be less than 66,000 at your last 66,000 points.

Xiaoyan and Xiaorui met on the Internet. Because they were young and indifferent, they lived together after a period of time.So it was not long before Xiaoyan became pregnant.But Xiaoyan’s parents felt that Xiao Rui was unreliable and disagreed with their marriage.However, in the face of the arrival of new life, he could only make a compromise.

Xiaoyan was also looking forward to her future life.He raised his two people to get married with a happy face, but every time Xiao Rui faced the problem, he always said that he would ask his parents first, and the matter was dragged.Seeing that Xiaoyan had begun to show, Xiao Rui’s family was reluctant to start the marriage of the two on May 20.

But on the day of marriage, Xiao Rui was absent from his life.Xiao Yan did not expect that when she was looking forward to the happy life of the family after marriage, his groom refused to show his face.Unexpectedly is not a glorious thing. Now the groom is still running, and the rumors around you can’t get angry.Xiaoyan was very sad. He found Xiao Rui in his stomach and asked him why he escaped marriage?

But Xiaorui didn’t say anything, and only took out a pre -marital agreement for Xiaoyan to sign.Xiaoyan was puzzled, thinking that I have been pregnant for more than 6 months. Are they afraid that I can’t run?But when Xiaoyan carefully read the content of the agreement, she immediately felt like five thunder bangs. Isn’t this to force me to death?

Why is this the result?What else is this marriage?Knowing that you are pregnant, you do n’t even have the minimum respect. It ’s too bullying. This is not a marriage at all. This is clearly a real body.Xiaoyan kept questioning himself in his heart, and his heart seemed to be soaked in a pool of ice water, which was extremely uncomfortable.What kind of agreement can it make the small strict response of more than 6 months of pregnancy.The content of the agreement is as follows:

· 1. Xiaori’s family does not give Xiaoyan a gift to Xiaoyan according to the rural customs, but Xiaoyan needs to give up voluntarily, and also promises to bring 66,000 to Xiaorui’s house to subsidize the home after marriage.

· Second, Xiaoyan and Xiaorui can hold a wedding first, but they will not receive a marriage certificate for the time being, and then discuss it after marriage.

· Third, the property located in a community in the urban area is Xiaorui’s pre -marital property, which has nothing to do with Xiaoyan.

Fourth, if the two parties died or Xiao Rui died in the future, the real estate has nothing to do with Xiaoyan.

· Fifth, Xiaoyan and Xiaorui’s property after marriage, debt belongs to each other, Xiaoyan touched her belly.He didn’t want to let things develop at this step, and he still wanted to give the children in the stomach a complete home.

After calm, Xiaoyan went to Xiaorui’s house to negotiate with them many times. At a critical moment, the Xiaorui family hid all, trying to force Xiaoyan to sign the agreement and show up.He sleeps with Xiaorui for so long, and he has a good reputation. Who dares to ask him except home?Besides, he was pregnant, and he had any hardships.

I just do n’t want to give Cai Li.But can his stomach afford?You said that the baby has been in the stomach for so long, and I don’t believe it is a mother, and I can stay so cruel.You just listen to me when you are, and you can pick up a daughter -in -law and fat grandson without spending a penny this time.Old lady, you are so poisonous.But I like it, and you are not good at each other.

Xiaoyan cried in the most helpless time. He picked up the things in the yard angrily and smashed the glass of Xiao Rui’s family, but he was alone from beginning to end.Instead, Xiaorui had no condolences and persuasion, but instead arched with a poisonous manner and encouraged him to hurt people.Come to me if you have the ability to kill me!As Xiaorui archived, Xiao Yan took the process of Xiao Yan’s miscellaneous process, and kept as evidence to report to the police.

In the face of such an indifferent family, Xiaoyan completely died of Xiaorui, and she no longer had any fantasies about the Xiaorui family.Among the regrets, he recognized who he was in love.And what kind of home is about to marry in the past?Xiaoyan decided to make a disconnection for her love, stop loss in time, and also have an extra choice for the rest of her life.Xiaoyan printed a lot of humiliated agreements.

It was sent everywhere in the village where Xiaorui was located and sent to various groups in the village, and then he forced himself to give up his tears to give up the small life that had been bred for more than 6 months, and packed him into a foam box to send it to the foam box.To Xiaorui’s house.A small foam box carried the pain of Xiaoyan’s heart, and his turbulent hatred.

Xiao Rui’s family watched the grandson in the foam box that the Sun Tzu collapsed in an instant. He was distraught and rolled around with his head, and no one could persuade him.In the end, the Xiao Rui family was doing everything, lost his wife and folded his soldiers.They never expected that Xiaoyan was not a soft persimmon they could hold at will.It is estimated that no one will dare to marry into their house through this matter.

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