The married man and the Girls’ Hotel "Jia Huan", causing their pregnancy abortion, court: compensation 24,000 yuan

In the past, the ancients rely on letters to contact each other.

Nowadays, the Internet is developing rapidly, and people can know friends from all over the Internet.

As a result, a new way of love arises, that is online dating.

The development of network development may be successful, but most of them fail.

Zhang in the case planted a follower in online falling.

Zhang and Liu had a reaction of pregnancy.

She didn’t know how to deal with it, and immediately contacted Liu.Who knows, what he got was Liu’s indifferent answer.

She was crying, and she finally understood that this was a scam for online dating, and Liu also talked to her nine months ago with various earthen love words and sweet words.

Today, I turn their faces and do not recognize people.Zhang talked about her acquaintance with Liu.

Zhang, a university student, met Liu Mou, a married man through the Internet.

Liu was good at camouflage. He quickly captured Zhang’s heart with his mouth that he could say.

In fact, Liu, who was handsome, did slippery his tongue.

He was stained with flowers and lied on the Internet that he was unmarried, deceived the love of a large number of unmarried women, and became ambiguous with them.

And his wife did not know his behavior and was still in the drum.

When Zhang fell in love, Liu understood that this was a good time.

So he asked Zhang to come out.When Zhang saw Liu, he was ecstatic.

Coupled with Liu’s seemingly sincere promises, Zhang was completely sinking.

Liu wanted to further promote the relationship between the two. Zhang agreed without hesitation, and the two had a relationship at the hotel.

Zhang Mou, who was still on the bed, told all this, and her parents just learned what happened to her daughter not long ago.

After listening to the daughter’s statement, they planned to let Liu take responsibility and justice for the daughter.So he reported to the Public Security Bureau to report to the police.

However, Liu had expected long ago that he moved out of his speech with his chest.

He acknowledged that he had sex with Zhang, but Zhang was voluntarily, and he did not force Zhang to fight with violence.

The Public Security Bureau immediately launched an investigation and did not find evidence.As a result, the case failed to file the case.

The angry second old man filed a civil lawsuit to the court. In the end, Liu had to compensate Zhang to Zhang for a total of 24,000 yuan.

The reason is as follows:

Liu acknowledged that he had sex with the girl, which led to a girl Zhang’s pregnancy abortion, which was evidence.

And Liu had no evidence, indicating that the girl’s pregnancy abortion was not caused by him.

But it is obvious that Liu also hooks up with other women when he knows his marriage, which is unfaithful to marriage.

At the same time, it is Liu’s moral corruption, and the quality needs to be improved.

Liu was not convinced, and he appealed to the superior court.

The court rejected Liu’s requirements on the grounds that the first instance was reasonable.

Many people noticed that Zhang was not as an adult. Liu had deceived Zhang, and Zhang had a relationship with him. Isn’t this a crime of rape?

The crime of rape was a felony and was severely hit by the criminal law.

The criteria for judging the crime of rape are violating the will of women, the use of violence, and other illegal means.

In this relationship, Zhang was voluntary and Liu did not adopt violence and coercion to Zhang.

Although Zhang is not 18 years old, he already has a certain ability to identify and resist.

Moreover, the public security did not find evidence of Liu Mou’s forced Zhang.

The child in the girl’s fetus did not make a parent -child identification and could not judge that the child’s biological father was Liu.

Other evidence was not found due to various factors.

Therefore, Liu’s behavior cannot be judged as a crime of rape.

Liu is married and even has a child.But he had no sense of responsibility and did not put his family in the right position.

The court’s judgment is fine, and even said that it is a fair and fair judgment.

In this case, Liu is purely a scumbag, dare to do it.

If Liu was a bit responsible, when he learned this consequences, he took the initiative to take the initiative and actively after the good afterwards, and he would not be able to defeat himself.

For Zhang, she is young and beautiful in the future. However, under the temptation of Liu, she not only hurts herself, but also becomes a zero flower, so she reminds the majority of students to cherish their youth.

I hope that she can brighten her eyes in the future and raise their vigilance. Do n’t believe in others too much, maybe the other party is a losing class in society.

As the so -called harmful heart is indispensable, the heart of preventing people is indispensable.

(The case in the article comes from news reports/referee”

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