The Marvelous Paris of Mrs Maisel

Sunday 26th of January, Paris,

In the Paris of Rose Weissman!

First, I went to Chez Paul for a fantastique dinner. You know, Chez Paul, where Midge, Abe and Rose had a late supper. The decor is exactly the same as in the episode. Très français vintage! And the food is amazing! I had the best onion soup of my whole life!!!!

After dinner, I went to do some shoppig in Les Bouquinistes. I love this place. I always find some good vintage women magazines and books. This sunday afternoon was no exception. I got a few 1950s women magazines and a huge biography of Gertrude Stein! I can’t wait to read it.

Then, I had a long walk to Place Dauphine. Unfortunately, there is no market there anymore, but the bench where Abe and Rose had their lovely picnic is there, waiting for more lovers to kiss, tourists to admire the place and some Mrs Maisel fans to have a picnic! I planned to do that this summer!!

Wednesday 29th of January, Paris,

Last day in Paris! I enjoyed it very much! I decide to say my Goodbye to La ville Lumière like Rose Weissman and visited the Rodin Museum. It was very sunny and the garden is beautiful. It is so nice to walk around and finally meet the famous Bourgeois de Calais.

I hope you enjoyed my travel diary and you have been amused to see the parisian decor of The Marvelous Mrs Maisel as it is everyday.

Please let me know in the comments if you have been to Paris and what you thought about this city.

Vintagely yours,

Melle Monoï