The menstruation does not come to the small belly but it hurts. The reason may be these

When you feel pain in the lower abdomen, you know that the aunt is coming.However, the good aunt who said good, only abdominal spasm. What is going on?In the face of this situation, the first reaction of many childcare women is "I’m pregnant."

This is of course a common reason why the aunt is delayed, but not the only reason.If you are pregnant is good news, it is difficult to make people happy.They are often accompanied by worrying pathological changes, and we must have a full understanding.

Ectopic pregnancy

Medically, it has a broader definition called "abnormal pregnancy".As long as the fertilized eggs are bed in addition to the appropriate position of the uterine cavity and can continue pregnancy, it is an exceptional pregnancy.

Among all mortal gynecological diseases, the incidence of ectopic pregnancy is already relatively high, so if it is not found that it may cause a serious threat to women’s health.

The abdominal pain of "Ectopic Pregnancy" will vary depending on the different positions, and the left lower abdomen and the right lower abdomen are possible.

Judging the "ectopic pregnancy" mainly includes the history of sexual life, the history of menopause, or the history of abnormal uterine hemorrhage, and the urine pregnancy test is positive.


A unilateral mild spasm close to the aunt’s date may be caused by the delay of ovulation.Some women have spasm on one side of the lower abdomen before and after ovulation. This is called ovulation pain and usually does not need to worry, unless it hurts seriously.In the average menstrual cycle of 28 days, this pain may appear on the 10-14 days of the cycle.

Luteal rupture

The luteal is a gland -like structure that girls transform from the follicle after ovulation every month, and the appearance looks like a yellow egg.

At 7 to 8 days after ovulation (22 to 26 days of the menstrual cycle), the luteal volume reaches the highest peak, small 1 ~ 4 cm, and the largest or even 9 cm.

If the pressure of the pot abdominal cavity is increased at this time, it may cause luteal rupture, blood vessel tears, and bleeding and abdominal pain.

The position of abdominal pain depends on the area where the luteal is located, and the position of the left and right ovaries may occur.

If the lower abdomen discomfort and the pain time is just in the luteal stage. After the pregnancy is excluded, the pain can still be tolerated. You can observe it by yourself. Once abdominal pain, you should seek medical treatment immediately.

Ovarian cysts reverse

It often occurs in young women, and most of them have ovarian lesions, such as ovarian tumors and other diseases.

In the state of strenuous exercise, changing position, or pregnancy, cysts or tumors that occur in lesions are reversed, causing blood flow to be blocked, causing cysts or tumor to rupture and bleeding, and there is a severe abdominal pain on one side of the cause.

At the same time, there will be symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. Once it occurs, surgery is needed quickly.


If it is a woman in her 40s, the menstruation is irregular and abdominal pain often occurs, which may be in the menopausal stage.In menopausal, many women do not even have menstruation for several months, but menstruation can occur during menstruation, and it is accompanied by loss of sexual desire, insufficient sleep, and weight gain.

Uterine fibroids red -like change

Although uterine fibroids are benign, do not worry too much.

However, there are still a few women with uterine fibroids. In the menstrual period or pregnancy period, local necrosis of uterine fibroids may occur due to special period stimulation.

At this time, the blood stasis obstructive fibroids will occur, the surface hemorrhage becomes red, and the uterine fibroids will change red.

Generally, there is persistent abdominal pain, and the position is dependent on the position of fibroids.


More and more severe menstrual pain, delay of menstruation, and pain in sexual life may be caused by ectopic endometrium.This pain may occur at any time of a month, often feeling pain in the lower abdomen, waist and pelvic parts.

Ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer can cause abdominal or pelvic spasm, accompanied by legs and waist pain.At first, it may be mild, but it will intensify over time, accompanied by symptoms including abdominal swelling, constipation, frequent urination, etc.

After reading the above, I believe that many girls have begun to pan in the signs in panic, worrying about whether they are sick.

Don’t panic first, whether it is menstrual or non -menstrual periods, abdominal pain is a physical alarm. You should go to see a doctor and see it. Don’t care!

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