The menstruation is abnormal, and the problem can be light or heavy. If there is this feature, cancer may come to you

The uterus and menstruation are a symbol of women, but the amount of bleeding is too long or the bleeding time is too long, but it is upset and worry.

Normally, women start from the first menstruation (about 12 ~ 14 years) to menopause (about 50 years old). During this period, ovulation will be ovulated once a month. If there is no conception, there will be a tide of menstruation.

The menstrual cycle contains the execution process of two main organs: 1. The growth, development, maturity and discharge of ovarian filtering (ovulation) 2. The endometrium is stimulated by hormones (estrogen and lutein), which proliferates and thickens, and it is thickened and thickened.Differentiated into a place suitable for embryo bed for pregnancy.

Menstrual women’s healthy disease pregnancy bleeding

The success of the embryo is pregnant. At this time, the nourishing layer of the embryo (placenta cell) will secrete human velvet glands stimulating luteum and cause luteum to secrete more estrogen and lutein to maintain the stability of the endometrium.There will be menstruation.

Without pregnancy, the estrogen and lutein secreted by the luteal will gradually decrease, the endometrium collapse and fall off, bleed, and excrete the body, which is menstruation. Therefore, menstruation indicates that there is no successful conception.

What does menstruation mean?1. Pregnancy 2. Men stop 3. Although no menopation has been discontinued, the secretion of estrogen is not enough to stimulate the growth of the endometrium, and it will also cause menstruation to fail to come.It often occurs in abnormal pituitary function, such as the insufficient secretion of follicle stimuli (FSH), and excessive secretion of prolactin (hyperthermiamia).

After 2 years of first menstruation, after the age of 16, menstruation should maintain a regular cycle. Usually 28 or 30 days of cycle, about 3 to 7 days each, most of the bleeding volume is below 60 ml.

Menstrual women’s healthy disease pregnancy bleeding

Different from the above normal menstruation, the period of irregular cycles, and the different forms of bleeding are abnormal bleeding.Generally speaking, if bleeding exceeds 10 days, it is abnormal bleeding regardless of the large amount and low quantity.

1. Those who meet the following circumstances are excessive menstrual blood: 1. You need to replace 1 sine cotton cotton (normal type) in less than 2 hours. 2. When replacingCovering more than 80 % of sanitary napkins, up to 8 tablets

2. Bleeding of irregular cycles

It is divided by the periodic rules of menstruation, and once within 18 days, it means that the number of menstruation is too frequent; the number of menstruation is too scarce.Both of these situations are menstruation with ovulation, but the length of ovulation time is long or short.

Menstrual women’s healthy disease pregnancy bleeding

Third, the form of abnormal bleeding

The form of bleeding can be divided into 3 categories. The first two categories are abnormal bleeding of ovulation. Most of them are not serious and do not necessarily need to be treated.

1. Menstrual bleeding

In the middle of 2 times, trace and short -term bleeding appear. The most common is "ovulation bleeding". The amount is not large and will not last for a long time. Most of them will stop.

2. Previous and postponomy bleeding

A few days before the normal menstruation came, there were some trace and short -term bleeding first; or after the end of the menstruation, there were some trace and short -term bleeding in a few days.Both situations are caused by lack of luteal function or poor, which will reduce the chance of conception.Women who plan to get pregnant can supplement lutein after ovulation and increase the chance of conception.

Menstrual women’s healthy disease pregnancy bleeding

3. Chaotic bleeding

The reason is "long -term ovulation", and sometimes severe and large bleeding, leading to anemia.Because there is no ovulation, there is no lutein to protect the endometrium. Under the long -term stimulation of estrogen, the endometrium is hyperplasia, which will increase the chance of endometrial cancer.This form of abnormal bleeding, if there is no treatment, will not stop bleeding. Be sure to go to the hospital for examination and treatment.

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