The menstruation of this time after childbirth indicates that the uterus is well maintained well, and there is a difference in breastfeeding.

Menstruation is a thing that loves and hates girls. When it comes, I hope it will not appear. If there is one day, I may feel panicked.But during the pregnancy of girls, menstruation will not come. This is also a very normal thing, and it is also the happiest thing for girls.

My colleague Mei Mei gave birth to a cute girl some time ago. Our unit organized to visit Meimei together. It was only when Meimei’s house found that Mei Mei’s complexion was not very good.Everyone starts to ask if the confinement is not done well, or is it?At first Mei Mei refused to say that she felt a bit shameful, but in the end, she couldn’t help it, so she told us.

Mei Mei said that she also paid attention to cultivation during her confinement after she gave birth, but she hadn’t had menstruation for four months, and this was very troublesome.Normally, menstruation will slowly recover after giving birth, but Meimei has not come late, so she feels very confused.At this time, the eldest sister of the unit said that you go to the hospital to see, don’t be shy, it is easy to delay herself.

In the end, Meimei chose to go to the hospital. Although she would be a little embarrassed, she went to the hospital for her body.After Mei Mei finished watching the doctor, the face of the whole person has become much better, which shows that Meimei’s menstruation has become very normal. After the menstruation is normal, this state will be directly presented to our face.Therefore, if menstruation comes normally, it will be very helpful for the lady’s body.

In fact, for our girls, a recovery of postpartum menstruation can also reflect a recovery of your uterus from the side.Although the confinement is doing well, this does not mean that your uterus recovers quickly, mainly depending on the time of menstruation.

After the birth of menstruation, it is also critical to breastfeed children. For mothers who do not perform this behavior, it is very healthy for menstruation within one to two months after delivery.During this period of time, it is explained that the recovery of the uterus is very good, which is also helpful for future production.Of course, this is also related to personal constitution. It also needs to pay attention to physical nutrition. If breastfeeding does not recover half a year after feeding, you need to visit the doctor.

Therefore, girls have paid attention to all aspects during this period of time, especially a postpartum conditioning. The conditioning can not only enhance their physique, but also allow children to develop healthier.Those girls who breastfeed need to pay attention to the following aspects.

First of all, you need to maintain a relaxed and happy mood in daily life.For girls, especially girls who breastfeed after childbirth, if they are not emotionally bad, they will not only affect their physical fitness, but the worst impact may also bring uneasy emotions to the baby, so that the baby will allow the babyThere is adverse effects.

Emotions are for girls’ psychology, and the sleeping sleep after giving birth needs attention.During pregnancy and production, my mother’s consumption is relatively large.Especially during pregnancy, it will be less sleeping for various reasons, so you need to add more sleep after production, otherwise it will be difficult to make up.

In terms of sleep, it will affect the mother’s endocrine. If the mother’s endocrine disorders, menstruation may also cause certain disorders.The sleep time must reach eight hours a day. During the sleeping, the body’s organs will perform a self -repair. Although the repair is relatively slow, it also has a certain effect.

After the sleep time is guaranteed, the quality of sleep will be improved.Sleep quality can be improved with some products, such as some of our daily sleep aromas or steam eye masks.Improve sleep quality through these external products and make their sleep healthier.

Of course, you need to maintain a good diet after delivery.It’s not just that after girls produce, they should pay great attention to eating things in their mouths, especially for those unhealthy diets. They must not be chaotic or start to eat sea and drink.Especially for those mothers who are breastfeeding, the baby’s nutrition is also intake through the mother.

In terms of diet, we must pay attention to not too greasy.Sometimes excessive greasy diet can cause the mother’s body to become hot, which may cause a certain delay for menstruation.At this time, if the body is hot, this kind of fire will be passed on the child, so that the child will also have symptoms of fire, so a certain amount of control needs to be performed in diet.

Anyway, I hope that every girl can get a good recovery after giving birth, especially through the treatment of menstruation, you can see the health of the uterus. After menstruation, you can make his physical fitness better.

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