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How to test pregnancy and pregnancy?Teach you twelve methods.

I will share with you the most comprehensive tire test plan.First talk about the importance of tire testing.If the cow does not test it after the plant is finished, it is possible to return to the column for five or six months.Some people even suddenly found that the cow was not pregnant when he gave birth to a cow nine months, so the cow was a waste of half a year or even a year.Only when you are pregnant, you can benefit you.If you have no more pregnancy, one day is equivalent to a day’s loss, so tire testing is very important.

Let’s talk about how to test the tires and share various tire test solutions for everyone.The first is a professionals. How can I give you a tire to the veterinarian improvement staff?The second is how to test the tire as a bull raised?What else do you say?It is a drug test, and one by one.The most accurate method of tire testing is professional tire testing, divided into three types.

The first is the rectal examination.Hand touch is generally about 60 days, and the technical height can be touched for 40 or 50 days. The rectal examination is the most accurate, most practical and most convenient.This is the first rectal test tire, but it must be a professional improved staff to operate it for you.

The second is the B -ultrasound check.The accuracy of the B -ultrasound is high, and it can be detected by more than 28 days, but there must be a B -ultrasound.

· The third test card.The pregnancy test card must be collected by serum. With serum droplets on the detection card, there will be two bars. The two bars are one bar in pregnancy, which is not used.But remember to use serum testing to be accurate.This is precise tire test, that is, professional tire test.

· The fourth type is how to judge that the cattle are not pregnant?It is mainly empirical method, and the experience method is also divided into five types of telling everyone.The first kind of appetite.

→ If you love to drink and drink after the cattle are finished, your appetite increases is pregnancy.

→ The second is its hair color. After the breeding, the cow is very bright, the hair color is smooth, and I am pregnant.

→ The third is its cautious behavior.It is said that this cow has been careful since walking after finishing planting. After eating the grass, I lie down and chew it.

· The fourth is the water door frozen.The water gate shrinks very small, but there is often one or two inches of yellow and yellow under the water gate. It is frozen like rubber jelly. This is pregnancy.

· Fifth is to look at eyeliner.It is two to three vertical blood vessels on the eyes of the pregnant cattle, and it is protruding equal to violentness.It is different from those who are not pregnant. They are not pregnant and cannot be stunned.

Of course, these five methods must have sufficient experience.This is that this cow is raised by yourself, and often loves observation, so the accuracy rate is high.If you have no experience, you must be more difficult to judge, and you may make mistakes.

· The third is what medicine to take, which is what everyone is very concerned about is that they want to simply want to have good results.

Let me tell you several drugs. You can use Gaaberlin to cooperate with a vitamin ADE. You can also promote the row, or promote lutein. With the vitamin ADE, you can also push down 5 influences and add ADE.But keep it for everyone, to judge only 60%of it.

It is that if the cow is pregnant, these drugs can enhance the luteum, and it can have the effect of preservation.If you are not pregnant, then these medicines have the effect of promoting greening. Generally, you will be green from ten to 15 days, but these medicines are not 100%, only about 60%of the grasp.

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