The most conference queen in history has a dream of 8 times, and gave birth to 4 emperors, 2 queens

In the palaces of the dynasties, the queen was the most distinguished woman.Any woman who enters the palace is the most hopeful thing is to be the queen.However, the position of the queen is not easy to sit. As the queen, not only must they have a good and virtuous and virtue, but also "will give birth".And a woman can be called the most conference queen in history. She was pregnant 8 times in succession, and she had a dream every time. Later, she gave birth to 4 emperors and two queens.

This woman is Lou Zhaojun, who can be called the "strange woman" in history.After she was a famous door, she was not only outstanding and very smart. At that time, many people wanted to marry her, but she didn’t look at it.It turns out that she is indeed a unique woman. Her husband finally ascended the throne to become emperor, and she became a queen.And she is very "born". Every time she is pregnant, she will have a strange dream, and her children are very extraordinary.

It is said that when she was with her eldest son Gao Cheng, she dreamed of a huge dragon on the ground and was cut off the dragon body.And her son was very intelligent since he was a child. When he was a teenager, he reached the prime minister. He finally mastered the real imperial power. Unfortunately, he was assassinated by his subordinates before he ascended the throne."" ".

When Lou Zhaojun was with the second son Gao Yang, he dreamed of a majestic dragon. The dragon body was extremely huge, and he could connect the heavens and the earth at the end of his head.After the death of her brother, her son sat smoothly and changed the throne and changed the national name to "Northern Qi".When he first ascended the throne, he was the only rare and good emperor, which was called the "hero of the hero".But in the later period, it was brutal, and eventually died of alcohol.

When she was pregnant with the third son, she dreamed that a dragon was lazily lying on the ground.When the fifth son, Gao Zhan, dreamed that a dragon was tapped in the sea, making the sea turbulent.Sure enough, the two sons eventually ascended the throne to the emperor, namely "Emperor Xiao Zhao" and "Emperor Wu Cheng".When she was with the fourth son and the younger son, she dreamed that a mouse drilled into her clothes, so the two sons were only Wang Ye in the end.

Also, when Lou Zhaojun had the same dream when she was with two daughters, she dreamed of the moon in the sky falling into her arms.In the end, her eldest daughter, married to the Emperor of the Northern Wei Dynasty, was called "Emperor Yongxi" in history.And her little girl Taiyuan Princess, who married the Emperor of the Eastern Wei Dynasty and became the queen.I have to say that this woman’s life is really a legend. There are many queens in history, but they are "born" like her. It is estimated that there will be no second place?

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