The most important thing in the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant mothers eat more of these 4 kinds of food, helping the fetal brain development

Introduction: What should pregnant women eat in the early stages of pregnancy?Eating more 4 kinds of food is more beneficial to pregnant mothers and fetuses

Born a healthy and smart baby is the beautiful wish of each couple, so many expectant mothers pay more and more attention to dietary nutrition during pregnancy.In the early pregnancy, the dietary habits of pregnant mothers often have different degrees of changes, such as fear of smelling greasy, like food foods, so pay attention to the diet, eat a small amount, eat less greasy food, use light taste as the light taste as the basishost.

Mom eats well, the baby is healthier.So, how to supplement nutrition after pregnancy?Obstetricians said that comprehensive and reasonable nutrition should be provided in the early stages of pregnancy.The characteristics of embryo development in the early pregnancy require that pregnant mothers can comprehensively consume protein, classes, fat, water, vitamins and minerals.

The nutritional intake of pregnant women should pay attention to comprehensive and reasonable, avoid partial eclipse and picky eaters.

1. Protein: To ensure the normal development of fertilized eggs, you can eat more fish, eggs, dairy products, meat and soy products.

2. Vitamin: To ensure the formation of early embryonic organs, more folic acid, vitamin C, B vitamin, etc. should be consumed.You can eat more leafy vegetables, bananas, animal liver, and beef.

3. Mineral material: It plays an important role in the formation of early embryo organs.You can eat more milk, meat, eggs, peanuts, walnuts, kelp, fungus, sesame, etc.

These 4 kinds of foods that pregnant mothers can eat more:

1. Xiaomi: Xiaomi has the functions of nourishing kidney qi, strengthening the spleen and stomach, clearing heat and so on.Xiaomi can be used to steam rice, fried millet cakes, make millet noodles, and cook millet porridge.Xiaomi is a food that is suitable for pregnant women with high nutritional value.

2. Sea fish: Sea fish is rich in nutrition and contains calcium, iodine, phosphorus, iron and other minerals and trace elements that are easily absorbed by the human body. It has high effect on the growth, development and prevention of the brain.Delicious dishes.

3. Walnut: Walnuts are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, rich protein, more phosphorus, calcium and various vitamins, and also contain sugar, iron, magnesium, selenium, etc.Pregnant women often eat walnuts to prevent disease and fitness, which is conducive to fetal health.

4. Black fungus: Blackwater ear is rich in nutrition, has the functions of nourishing qi, nourishing blood, health, hemostasis, moistening, and clearing the lungs. It is a good product for pregnant women to nourish the brain and strengthen the body.

What food does pregnant mother eat more?

The most susceptible to miscarriage in the first three months of pregnancy. Pregnant mothers should avoid eating foods that are likely to cause miscarriage, such as these five foods: aloe, crab, turtle, barley, purslane, etc.

How to match three meals in early pregnancy?

In the early pregnancy, many pregnant mothers have changed. How can I match three meals reasonably to be nutritious?You can refer to the arrangement of the following three meals:

1. Breakfast

Stadium: 1 bowl of Xiaomi red dates porridge, two cream buns

Tennis: grapes or strawberries 100 grams

2. Lunch

Stadium: two small bowls of rice rice, or 1 bowl of noodles

Tan food: a piece of hot and sour rice vegetables, a plate of fried sea fish, a bowl of pork rib soup, 1 apple

3. Dinner

Stadium: Two small bowls of rice rice, or two flowers rolls

Differential food: two bowls of egg spinach soup, two bananas, 1 small bowl of stewed burdock, a moderate amount of vegetable heart

In short, during pregnancy, pregnant mothers eat well, and the baby is healthier and smarter.

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