The newlywed couple never passed the room, but the wife told her husband to be pregnant.

What made this man named Zhang Jian jumping like a thunder, not only destroyed the new house he had arranged by himself, but also took the wedding dress of the newlywed wife Liu Fang to the roadside to burn.

Everyone noticed that in Zhang Jian’s wedding room, he didn’t see Liu Fang. Where did the newlywed wife go?Why is Zhang Jian’s emotions so out of control?

It turned out that his wife had a fight with Zhang Jian and walked away with everything. When we asked the reason, Zhang Jian helplessly said that on the day of marriage, he wanted to be close to his wife, but he was rejected by his wife.I also said that I couldn’t have the same room when I was pregnant.But since she realized that she was married, she never had a room with her wife. How could her wife get pregnant?Who is the child?

With these questions, Zhang Jian and his mother found Liu Fang together. Who knew that Liu Fang was very excited when they saw them and rushed Zhang Jian directly.Under the persuasion of everyone, Zhang Jian was barely entered.As soon as I sat down, Zhang Jian was not chatting.Zhang Jian’s sourness in his heart told Liu Fang that I came to pick you up home.Zhang Jian made a concession, and he told Liu Fang that he was willing to accept the child.However, Liu Fang insisted on divorcing Zhang Jian on the grounds of unsuccessful personality.Looking at the indifferent wife, Zhang Jian turned and walked out of the room, squatting on the stairs silently.It can be seen that Zhang Jian still has a certain relationship with his wife, otherwise, he will not swallow all grievances and choose for forgiveness and acceptance when he will not be in his wife and children.Furthermore, Zhang Jian knew that his parents did everything for his marriage, and owed many foreign debts. He couldn’t bear to let his parents disappointed.

The marriage of the two did not last. In this short marriage farce, Liu Fang, who was the wrong party, broke through the moral bottom line, stepped on two boats, and brought endless harm to Zhang Jian and her family. She owed Zhang Jian.Sorry.

The most important thing in the relationship between marriage is loyalty. While preparing to get married with Zhang Jian, Liu Fang also associates with other men, and even conceives the children of others. She is the derailment and betrayal of marriage.Under normal circumstances, men will choose to divorce without hesitation when they encounter such a thing.But Zhang Jian chose to forgive, and was even willing to accept the children of this others just to retain Liu Fang.On the other hand, Liu Fang, in the entire incident, not only did not regret it, but also said strongly that Zhang Jian hit him, and he divorced Zhang Jian for his personality.

As the victim, Zhang Jian and his family, the blind concessions failed to retain Liu Fang.Liu Fang’s ruthlessness, Liu Fang’s no shame, made me very angry as an outsider.In the sexual relationship, who is true and who died first!

By the way, since Liu Fang doesn’t like Zhang Jian, why should he marry him?After marriage, he did not have the same room with Zhang Jian.Is there any impossible hidden love in this? I really hope that this marriage is not a scam. Don’t sprinkle another salt for Zhang Jian’s injured heart!Until the end, Zhang Jian and his family did not wait for Liu Fang’s apology.

Fortunately, the law stipulates that for the marriage without facts, the gift money paid by the man has the right to come back all of the rights, but the money can be taken back, but what is Zhang Jian’s affection and damage that Zhang Jian gives this.Money cannot be made up.

After experiencing this farce, I hope Zhang Jian will polish his eyes in the future and find the other half that he really loves him and cherish him.

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