The official swallowing the starry sky is officially created, and the new beauty has abused Luo Feng, and Xu Xin finally became pregnant.

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In a blink of an eye, it reached the update date of "Devouring Starry Sky" anime, and with the update of the 68th episode of "Devouring Starry Sky" anime, the official released the next episode, which is the 69th preview.Judging from the new preview, the official is not honest, and it has begun to engage in the original plot again, but this time the original original plot Muzi personally feels good, at least better than the original, then follow Muzi.Let’s see.

Judging from the official new preview content, a female character that did not appear in the original novels appeared at the beginning, and this female character is not a human beings, but a special ethnic group from the universe.According to Barbata, because the woman was dissatisfied with everything, she chose to betray the group first, and then rely on the meteorite ink star Hu Yanbo, becoming one of the seven immortal kings of the Majesty.

Moreover, this woman is too much. At the time of the introduction, Barbata said very clearly that the woman’s body has won many ethnic groups and has the physical advantages of many ethnic groups.Although Luo Feng was careful, but really fought with this alien beauty, he was defeated, and he was directly abused on the ground and suspected of life. If Luo Feng had a breath, Luo Feng might mayHas been killed.

However, it is not a big deal to be killed, because the space of Luo Feng and this alien woman is obviously a high -level virtual space.Then Luo Feng is really dangerous.After this battle, Luo Feng also really knew the gap between the combat power between himself and the strong universe. Luo Feng wanted to defeat this alien woman. There was still a long way to go.

Now the new trailer of "Devouring Starry Sky" has come out, and if you pay attention to it, you can find that the chapter name of "Devouring Starry Sky" has been changed, and now it has been replaced by the "Golden Horn Crisis".

And before the time before, the officially paved Golden Horn Giant has now developed and grew from the planetary to the star.The Golden Horn Giant has to say that it is very strong. Its ethnic group is one of the pinnacle ethnic groups in the universe. Its bloodline is far beyond the Earth people. It is just a planetary strong. It can be said to be the end of many earth people.And it is born with inheritance and secrets. The people on the earth are really better than that of it.

Now it has unified the sea area with its hard strength. The two beast emperors of the sea area are its younger brothers, and there are countless countless sea monsters.Now it is no longer satisfied with just staying in the sea, and it will go ashore, so the people living in the land have suffered.The major powers of the Earth people jointly dealt with the Golden Horn Giant, and finally succeeded in destroying the painful price of the pain.

According to the original book, when the Golden Horn Giant was ashore, Xu Xin was pregnant.Xu Xin was the heroine of this work. When Luo Feng returned from Wu Island, the two established a relationship, and soon they lived together. They planned to set a good time to host a wedding officially married.The calculation time now Xu Xin is pregnant, and when Xu Xin intends to tell Luo Feng that he is pregnant, the Golden Horn giant go ashore, so this is embarrassing.

However, in the end Xu Xin told Luo Feng, but Luo Feng knew that he could only express helplessness, because the Golden Horn Giant beasts could not help but participate in the war. The wedding can only be remedied in the future. Fortunately, Luo Feng really made up for this wedding.Essence

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