The pain of the asshole of pregnant women can be large or small. If you want to relieve it, you must keep in mind these 4 points.

Many women have a unspeakable hidden during pregnancy, that is, "asshole pain".It was originally inconvenient to move. In this way, the prospective mothers with big belly stools are even more anxious.So why does it hurt during pregnancy?What should I do?

1. The reason for the pain of pregnant women

Women during pregnancy During their pregnancy, due to factors such as increased pregnancy secretion, decreased gastric acid secretion, and reduced physical activity, and the process of gradually increasing fetal fetuses can cause uterine to compress the small intestine, so it is easy to cause constipation.Of course, the main reason for constipation is the decrease in the amount of exercise of pregnant women, and gastrointestinal motility becomes slower.On the one hand, pregnant women are high incidence of hemorrhoids, and constipation can cause and aggravate the degree of hemorrhoids.In the late pregnancy, due to the increase in the fetal cavity, the internal pressure of the abdominal cavity increased, causing the anal vein to be blocked, so the upper and lower veins of the rectum were stasis, which formed internal hemorrhoids or external hemorrhoids or mixed hemorrhoids.On the other hand, constipation can cause feces to harden. During the bowel movement, the skin of the feces cutting the skin of the anal canal can also cause asshole.

2. What should I do if the asshole hurts pregnant women?

1. Moderate exercise.During the process of pregnancy, expectant mothers should perform appropriate exercise to strengthen the peristalsis of the stomach and intestines, and exercise is beneficial to their bodies and babies.

2. Eat more vegetables and fruits.Green leaf vegetables and fruits such as bananas, dragon fruits, strawberries, etc. can lubricate the intestine and relieve constipation symptoms.Lemon can relieve pregnancy, and it can also promote intestinal motility, and it is better to eat with honey.

3. Drink plenty of water.Note that you need to drink plenty of water in your daily life. Drinking the water per day is more than 1500 ml to lubricate the intestines to alleviate the dry stool and prevent the possibility of constipation.

4. Time to defecate.Many pregnant women are afraid of pain and endure their stools, but they will become more dry and more dry in the rectum, and then become hardened to become more difficult to discharge and the vicious cycle.Pregnant mothers should drink a glass of water on an empty stomach every morning after getting up every morning to develop the habit of regular stool.

The pregnant mother is very hard, and she has to fight against the hidden hidden wisdom.It is best to pay attention to the problem of constipation during pregnancy, develop good habits, and kill constipation in the cradle.Regarding the pain of asshole pain, pregnant mothers do not have to be shy. When necessary, you should go to the hospital to find a doctor for examination. Don’t bear it more seriously.

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