The phenomenon of vomiting during pregnancy makes many expectant mothers suffer, how to relieve pregnancy vomiting

[Introduction] Pregnancy vomiting is something that women usually encounter after pregnancy. Pregnancy vomiting is uncomfortable, especially in the early pregnancy, many pregnant women can not stand it when they smell some smells, and they cannot eat with peace of mind. They always eat and eat.The phenomenon of retching is the case. In order to make pregnant mothers less sin, some methods to alleviate pregnancy vomiting are summarized here.

I. Psychological pressure: For pregnancy vomiting, we must first reduce psychological pressure and avoid aggravating the reaction of pregnancy.Physical and mental relaxation is more important than anything. Pregnancy within normal range does not affect the fetus.It is recommended to learn more about scientific pregnancy knowledge, communicate with friends and family, and relieve psychological pressure.

Second, do not force yourself to eat: Many foods make pregnant women feel nauseous and vomiting. These foods do not have to eat anymore, just eat what you want to eat.Although diet nutrition is balanced, if you eat what you eat, you will not be able to absorb nutrients. Therefore, it is recommended to eat what you want to eat and how much you can eat.

Third, eat less meals: Try not to make the stomach empty, prevent an empty stomach from being more likely to cause nausea.It is advisable to eat foods. It is recommended to choose high protein -containing foods, because eating such foods may reduce the feeling of nausea.If such foods are not happy, you can also choose the food you want to eat.

Fourth, prepare for snacks: Frequent vomiting can make pregnant women insufficient eating. This is not good for nutritional intake. At this time, it is also a good way to relieve vomiting by eating small snacks to increase the amount of eating.Eat some biscuits when you wake up in the morning, and then lie back on the bed for about half an hour before getting up, which will help to relieve vomiting.

5. Vitamin B6: Take vitamin B6 is indeed a method of alleviating pregnancy and vomiting, but you need to consult a doctor and then do it.It is recommended that the daily vitamin B6 dose is 1.9 mg, and the pregnancy and vomiting are more serious. It is recommended to eat it three times a day, and eat 10 to 25 mg each time.

Most pregnant women will happen in pregnancy and vomiting. This is a dual response to the body and psychology to pregnancy. Therefore, when dealing with the problem of pregnancy, it should be dealt with from multiple aspects.However, if dehydration, constipation, hemorrhoids and other phenomena occur, you need to go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment in time.

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