The post -90s couple did not pay attention to "security measures" after pregnancy, thinking that they were twins, but the result was that they were ignorant.

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The beautiful and happy family is a life that everyone will yearn for, but everyone is different for the definition of happiness.

People in a foreign country say that they are happiness around their parents. Single people say that someone loves each other is happiness, and women say that no dysmenorrhea is happiness.But for a newlywed couple, the baby is their common happiness.

Lin Song is a new dad. A few months ago, she just ushered in her own "twins". The whole family was very happy, but as time went forward.Lin Song found that her two babies were not like it at all, and her character was not like!

Although he advised himself countless times not to doubt, this was his baby, but the slowly Lin Song’s wife also found that the twins were too worse.

Whether it is from the usual diet or the habit of living, the brother is too much. Later, the couple should discuss whether they should go to the hospital for examination.

Because the two really couldn’t figure it out, the brothers were indeed born at the same time. They found the doctor with doubts, and they insisted that they had to check the parent -child identification.

The time to wait for the results is always very long. During this period, Lin Song also shaken countless times, and decided to have emotion anyway.When the result came out, it really made the two couples cry and laugh. The brothers were really not twins, but "trimed".

When he heard the doctor said that, the two suddenly stunned and asked repeatedly: "Breeding?" After repeated confirmation, the couple finally accepted this fact, yes, they were seriously pregnant.

We all know the process of fertilization eggs, but few people know what is heavy pregnancy.

As early as many years ago, Australia, a couple conducted the same room when they knew that the woman was pregnant, and then learned that the woman’s belly changed from one fetus to two during the medical examination.

Finally, the two babies were born for 10 days.Therefore, severe pregnancy means that in the same room when the woman is pregnant, and then pregnant again.

Seeing this, there may be doubts in their hearts. Didn’t women stop ovulation after pregnancy?How can you get pregnant without ovulation?

That’s right, most women stop ovulation after pregnancy, mostly, not absolute.Therefore, there is very little probability of severe pregnancy.

There have been magazines reported that the phenomenon of "heavy pregnancy" is now scientifically recorded only about ten times, so the probability of heavy pregnancy is still very small.Some people may ask, how can children born if they are pregnant?

If it is a cesarean section, I do n’t need to say more.The phenomenon of heavy pregnancy that has occurred now has only a short time between the two children.If it is a delivery, there may be relatively small fetal premature birth or regeneration at the due date.

In fact, after pregnancy, many people will worry about one thing, that is, the husband and wife are close.It is cruel for both people for ten months, but here I advise everyone not to hurt each other because of their own rise.

Of course, it is not that the couple can not have a relationship normally during pregnancy, but they must be cautious again.And the following measures must be taken.

1) Make a light action

In the early stages of pregnancy, three months ago, I personally don’t recommend that the couple are close, because the baby at this time has not stabilized, which is very dangerous for the baby.

In the middle of pregnancy, after 5 months, the baby was slowly familiar with the environment in the mother’s belly. At this time, the husband and wife can stimulate the mother’s hormones to a certain extent, enhance the baby’s fetal movement, and so on.

In the late pregnancy, Bao Ma was about to unload the goods immediately, so let’s bear it again, because this time is still more dangerous.The baby’s placenta position is relatively low. At this time, the husband and wife’s intimate behavior will stimulate the contraction of Baoma, which may cause premature birth.

But anyway, as long as the intimate relationship during pregnancy, the movement of the prospective dad must be light. Once there is an excessive behavior, it is likely to hurt the mother or the fetus in the abdomen.

2) Be sure to take safety measures

Many people feel that the woman will not ovulate during pregnancy, so there is no need to take safety measures. This idea is wrong.

Let’s not talk about whether the woman will be pregnant for the second time. Even if there is no heavy pregnancy, no security measures will affect the woman.Because the man’s semen is stimulated to the woman, it will cause abortion seriously.

At the end

I am selling sunset. You spilled the sun like a god, and you have such a bright love in my heart.

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