The practice of this wounding uterus in summer will affect pregnancy, but some people often do it often

There is a saying: "March does not lose weight, and it is sad in April." So every summer is coming, there will be a group of beautiful beautiful girls vividly. Although it is right to lose weight, it will lose weight like the girl in the following story. I can lose weight.To say that the big no -special no!

Ms. Wang also decided to join the weight loss army before the summer came.In order to die, for a long time, she did not eat staple food and dinner every day. She was mainly cucumber. Although she lost 4 pounds in 3 months, her weight index BMI was seriously lower than normal standards.

Such a result caused her to be amenorrhea. Later, she went to the hospital for examination. The doctor found that her uterine development was abnormal and belonged to a child. She also told her that although she may be caused by many factors, excessive weight loss like her, but she like her excessive weight loss.It can directly cause the dysfunction of the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian gland axis, which can affect ovulation and menstruation.

The dysplasia of the uterine will not only have amenorrhea, but also affect fertility. Infertility and abortion will occur. For the sake of beauty, this ultimate weight loss will really lose!

In life, in addition to the ultimate weight loss behavior, there are many common behaviors that hurt the uterus, but many people have not established a deep understanding of this. It may not know where the reason is for many years.

1. Long -term increase of abdominal pressure

Long -term chronic cough and long -term constipation. These long -term behaviors will increase abdominal pressure, and long -term abdomen causes pelvic floor dysfunction, which will cause the risk of uterine prolapse and urinary incontinence to rise.

2. Abortion

Many people who are pregnant will choose to do abortion. This behavior also hurts the uterus. Repeated abortion in a short period of time is an important factor that causes uterine injury.Among them, recent risks include bleeding, residues, and infections; in the long run, there may be uterine cavity adhesion and infertility.

3. Obesity

Some people lose weight to the extreme, and some people will fly weight, and if the weight exceeds 15%of the normal range, it will increase the risk of endometrial cancer by 3 times.

4. Sexual life disorders

This behavior is prohibited in the first three months of pregnancy. If indulgence will cause abortion. In addition, there are many sexual partners or premature sexual life, which may cause high -risk factors that may cause cervical cancer.

5. Sitting for a long time

To be honest, it is difficult for me to be spared.Women are sitting for a long time, and the blood circulation deteriorates, causing blood supply to the uterus and vagina to be affected.If scar tissue and adhesion in the uterus will make the uterine muscle weaker.

1. Menstruation period

The low immunity during menstruation leads to the risk of infection of various uterus problems.Therefore, during this period, women should pay attention to keeping warm and rest.

2. Protochor abnormal period

The occurrence of abnormal leucorrhea means hidden dangers of diseases, so at this time, we must also pay attention to protecting the uterus.

3. During pregnancy

At this stage, sexual life should be avoided, and the uterus may be damaged!


The cervical mouth is open during the puerperium. In addition to paying attention to hygiene and rest nutrition, it is recommended to lie on the side appropriately to avoid increasing the uterine leaning due to gravity.

1. Exercise

Obesity and sedentary are not conducive to the uterus, so we need to do more systemic exercise in daily life to maintain healthy weight, such as jogging, swimming, cycling and dancing.

2. Healthy diet

The risk of people eating green vegetables is reduced by 50 %.Therefore, you can eat more fruits and vegetables, dietary fiber and vegetables in daily life.

3. Avoid cold diet

The uterus is afraid of cold, so you must learn to stay away from cold drinking ice drinks in your diet, especially at the menstrual period, and you must reject all cold foods such as crabs, fish, ice cream.

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