The pregnancy reaction is the "meeting ceremony" for the fetus to the pregnant mother. Six moves should be discomfort in early pregnancy, please take it.

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Every time I see the topic of "pregnancy vomiting", I will think of my own scene at that time. I think that I have no appetite to see any food.It was drowsy and exhausted. Most of the time in the early pregnancy was lethargic on the bed.

However, the so -called "vomiting and happiness", there are early pregnancy reactions, although they feel "life is better than death" every day, but it is comforting in the heart, because only the response can indirectly indicate that the baby’s baby is developing well. You can not worry about progesterone and HCGThose things.

Although the pregnancy reaction is caused by the rise of hormones after pregnancy, it is also related to lifestyle, emotional mood, etc., so you can try the following methods to relieve.

Method 1. Psychologically accept this "meeting ceremony"

Most pregnant mothers have experienced pregnancy in early pregnancy. Some literature reports: 80%-90%of pregnant mothers have nausea in the early pregnancy. 50%of pregnant mothers have vomiting symptoms, but there are not many vomiting of severe pregnancy., Only 1%to 2%.

Therefore, the pregnancy reaction is not only for a pregnant mother, but that most of the pregnant mothers react to varying degrees. The pregnant mother needs to accept the "meeting ceremony" from the baby from the heart.The bad mood, trying to maintain a pleasant mood as much as possible, will help relieve the pregnancy reaction.

Method 2. Eat less meals and eat lightly and easy to digest food

In the early pregnancy, sometimes I felt hungry but didn’t have anything I wanted to eat. Sometimes I was not hungry for a long time but I could eat it. This is a normal early pregnancy reaction.

What to eat: Pregnant mothers who react to pregnant vomiting should eat less and eat less. Every time it is best not to wait for the hungry to eat (often nausea is always better than hungry).Choosing soda biscuits, whole wheat bread, or drinking lemonade, etc., will also help relieve pregnancy.

Whatever you eat: Avoid eating too hot, strong taste, and too greasy food, especially the taste that you hate, you must avoid contact, otherwise you will immediately cause nausea.

Method 3. Appropriate exercise to improve your mood

Pregnant mothers can also choose when the state is slightly good every day, under appropriate exercise, such as walking in the park, doing pregnant women’s health exercises, etc., the way of exercise, one to divert attention, release the pressure, help improve the mood, relieve pregnancy vomitingUnwilling.

Method 4. Pay attention to rest to ensure sufficient sleep

Many pregnant mothers also found that one day of rest, the pregnancy reaction will be slightly slightly, and the rest of the day will be doubled.

Therefore, pregnant mothers must pay attention to rest to ensure sufficient sleep, especially pregnant mothers who are sleepy, do not sleep, just sleep more, the mental state is good, and the pregnancy reaction is naturally light.

Method 5. Dynamic attention

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of psychological reasons for pregnancy, so beware that the pregnancy will be reduced when you are in a good mood, after exercise, and sleeping when you sleep.Therefore, you can also relieve the method of diverting attention, such as chatting with family and friends, seeing the relaxed variety show, doing something you like and interested, etc., try to ease the pregnancy reaction.

Method 6. Drug relief

If it is severe pregnancy, you can also take vitamin B1 and B6 under the guidance of a doctor, which will help to alleviate pregnancy.But if it is not serious enough to affect life and diet, you don’t have to take it.

In the early stages of pregnancy, it is the most difficult stage. In addition to being tortured by early pregnancy reactions, you are also worried that your baby will have a fetal abortion.

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