The pregnancy test strip shows 2 lines but B -ultrasound is not pregnant

Even if the pregnancy test shows 2 rows, there are many reasons for the ultrasonic waves.This depends on the time of ultrasound, signs you are experiencing …

Confused 2 lines, but the doctor said that he was not pregnant

Ms. Liu, 25 years old, has been married for more than a year, and is now looking forward to having a child.It’s almost 2 weeks now. Seeing that the body has different physical expressions, tight breasts, and larger nipples … Ms. Liu bought a pregnancy test stick and tried it.When the test strip shows two lines, Ms. Liu and her family are very happy.After that, she went to the hospital for a B -ultrasound, but the doctor said that she did not see pregnancy on the B -ultrasound, which made her confused and worried.

Ms. B has been married for a long time, she is pregnant, but she is pregnant.When menstruation is delayed, there are symptoms such as abdominal pain. The pain is not too severe, but it is faint pain.After a few days, there was no pain or menstruation.Ms. B bought the pregnancy test stick and tried it. The result of the pregnancy test stick was also 2.When going to the clinic for examination, the doctor also announced that he was "backward" when he was not pregnant.However, the size of the uterus seems to be larger, so the doctor suspects that Ms. B may be ectopic pregnancy.

These are only two of the many cases of women using test strips to send pregnancy signals, but when they perform ultrasonic inspections, there are no pictures on the ultrasonic.

In some cases, two lines appear only signs of pregnancy, not necessarily pregnant.

In the case where menstruation is too late, the pregnancy test sticks display two lines, but when the ultrasound cannot see the image of the fetus, there can be three cases as follows:

The first case may be that the test strip is wrong, but because the two lines are measured 3 times, this rate is also very low.However, there are still false positives that lead to error pregnancy test results.

Secondly, because pregnant women go to the B -ultrasound very early, at this time B -ultrasound cannot observe the fetus.

The third case is because the fetus is wrong in the uterus but outside (commonly known as ectopic pregnancy).In some cases of ectopic pregnancy to advanced, pregnancy blocks may break or break, which is very dangerous to health.If there is no abdominal pain or bleeding, repeated ultrasound examinations should be performed after a week.If abdominal pain or bleeding occurs, it should be treated in time to professional medical institutions.If premature, the pregnancy mass is small, it is difficult to observe and evaluate.

Fan Wentu, deputy director of the obstetrics and gynecology department of the hospital, also said that the sensitivity of pregnancy test strips is very high, but the specificity is very low.High sensitivity means positive but not necessarily pregnant.If the specificity is positive, you can determine your pregnancy.Therefore, in the case of the pregnancy test stick, if the test strip shows 2 lines, it is only a sign of pregnancy, and it is not necessarily pregnant.

Signs of early pregnancy

Women during pregnancy may have different signs of pregnancy at different times.There may be several early signs of pregnancy.The most common symptoms include:

The most common and obvious signs of pregnancy is to miss menstruation.When conception, the body will produce hormones that prevent ovulation and fall off the endometrium.This means that the menstrual cycle has stopped, and women do not come again until after delivery.But missing menstruation is not always a sign of pregnancy.When stress, excessive exercise, diet, hormone disorders … can also cause irregular menstruation and delay of menstruation.

Missing menstruation is the first early sign of pregnancy.

Before missing menstruation, women may find that she must urinate more frequently.This is due to the increase in blood supply to the body.The greater the pregnancy, the more the kidney filtration waste, the more the number of urination.

Many people feel very tired in the early stages of pregnancy.This signs of pregnancy occur due to the rise in hormone progesterone levels.Similar to other early pregnancy symptoms, fatigue tends to fade in the middle of pregnancy (after 13 weeks of pregnancy).However, for many people, it will return in the third trimester.

Nausea may occur after two weeks of pregnancy.Not everyone feels disgusting and has different degrees of nausea.You may be disgusting but not vomiting.At the same time, about half of pregnant women vomit because of nausea.Although nausea during pregnancy is normal, it can cause dehydration.If nausea and vomiting are excessive, you need to seek medical advice and proper treatment.

Pain may be similar to the pain before menstruation.Areolas may also begin to darkens and expand.This pain is temporary, and it will fade away.

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