The pregnancy wife is preferred to buy Treyu milk after drinking a platform, which causes diarrhea. Sales manager: Find a supplier

With the development of the Internet, the emergence of various food -buying apps is not only cheap but also convenient.But is the things purchased online really assured?On August 14, 2021, Mr. Xu from Liaoyuan City reflected to the China Business Daily-Erli Li Information that he bought a box of Telun Su milk for his daughter-in-law on a platform, but after drinking a box, he started to diarrhea.

Pregnant wife drank a box of milk

Start diarrhea

Mr. Xu introduced that on August 7, he best purchased a box of Telun Su milk on a platform. He wanted to supplement calcium for the pregnant daughter -in -law. The total price was 38.9 yuan.After drinking a box, I felt that the taste was wrong when I drank, and I felt milk. I drank it without thinking about it. On the third day, my daughter -in -law diarrhea."At that time, I didn’t think it was a milk problem, thinking that eating other things was bad. After that, the daughter -in -law opened a box to get hot and drank. After pouring the bowl, I found that there was soy milk -shaped things, so I didn’t dare to drink it again."

Mr. Xu said that after discovering the problem, he found a platform preferred customer service for the first time. A platform preferably customer service said that he could refund it, but Mr. Xu did not agree, "The quality of milk occurs during the shelf life, and my daughter -in -law has drank it.After drinking, I started diarrhea. The platform preferred to give me 100 yuan vouchers. I did not agree. I definitely need to use the vouchers given to me on the platform. "

Discovering milk in milk

Sales manager check milk deterioration

Mr. Xu found the manufacturer’s phone on the Mengniu Box. He contacted the manufacturer and told the situation. The manufacturer sent the sales manager to the house to check it. The sales manager opened a box of new boxes on the spot.It is said that the milk is deteriorated and can no longer drink it, and the e -commerce channel goods are not provided by local dealers. The sales manager may apply with the company.

The next day the sales manager returned a WeChat to Mr. Xu and said that he could not solve it. He needed to find a supply seller and dealer. "The manufacturer finds the seller and dealer to find it. Where can I find it? I only recognize that the milk is Mengniu’sAnd this thing is a quality problem that occurs during the shelf life. "Mr. Xu said that the dealer is preferred on a platform. The platform is preferred to contact the customer service. Finally, the answer is to return the goods.

"I have retired milk, and now I ask for compensation for me 500 yuan. Milk is a quality problem during the shelf life, so I should buy a loss of ten.

Mengniu sales manager

It is recommended that consumers find suppliers

In order to further verify the situation, the China Business Daily-Erlinli Information contacted Mengniu Sales Manager Bai. Manager Bai said: "The date of milk is in March, and the date is a bit long. This box of milk is indeed a problem. This situation may be the storage conditions.It is not caused by bad, but this product is not taken here. We can only help negotiate to solve it. It is recommended that consumers continue to find a platform to prefer suppliers, and our company has been coordinating. Individual products have problems with problems.We can also give compensation to soothe consumer emotions, but because the goods are not made by me, and the amount of compensation that consumers want are too high. "

A platform preferred customer service

Has been reached with consumers

China Business Daily-Erli Li Information contacted the preferred customer service on a platform. The staff said: "What we currently see in the background has reached a reconciliation with consumers, and consumers themselves are on the way to defend their rights.With time, if consumers have other demands, they can contact us again. "

On August 15th, the China Business Daily-Erli Li Information contacted Mr. Xu again. Mr. Xu said: "I did not prefer customer service to reconcile with a platform. The platform told me that I could only return the goods at the time, and I couldn’t agree with it."

The progress of the follow -up incident will continue to pay attention to the two or three miles.

(China Business Daily reporter Liu Yuanyuan)

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