The pregnant mother of "Dance of Hip -hop Dance outside the delivery room" voiced: was a dance coach, and gave birth to a daughter that night

Jimu Journalist Zhang Qi

The 31 -year -old pregnant woman in Nantong, Jiangsu, jumped out of hip -hop in Shixia’s house. The video attracted many netizens to praise.On May 10, Shi Xia told Jimu Journalists that she insisted on dancing during pregnancy and felt that she would stop and rest in time.She was produced smoothly on the night of hip -hop dance on May 7, and her daughter was healthy.

Shixia produced in the hospital on the day of the hospital (video screenshot)

Shi Xia is a dance coach from Nantong. She shared some videos of her pregnancy dancing during the short video account.On May 7, she posted a video of hip -hop dance outside the delivery room. In the video, she danced hip -hop with her pregnant belly, but her body looked very flexible.

This video attracted attention on the Internet. Some netizens praised: "Envy can dance." "It’s cool, and the movements are flexible." Some netizens said that they were worried about her body.Shi Xia also left a message reminding netizens that each pregnant woman has different physical conditions and is not recommended to imitate it.

Shi Xia will exercise during pregnancy

On May 10, Shi Xia told Jimu Journalist that this video was taken by her on the afternoon of May 7, and she was pregnant for nearly 41 weeks.Late that night, she gave birth to a daughter weighing 7 and a half pounds, and her daughter was very healthy.

Shi Xia introduced that she has the habit of dancing.In the first three months of pregnancy, she obeyed the advice of the elders and doctors and suspended the large dance.Three months later, she felt that her physical condition was better, so she continued to dance and teach. She still taught five lessons a week.Due to the heavier body, the fetus in the stomach is also considered, and she will reduce the amplitude of movement when dancing.In the first three months of production, she reduced the course to Monday. In addition, she also found a fitness coach to do fitness training during pregnancy.

Shi Xia will exercise during pregnancy

Shi Xia told Jimu Journalists that she knew her physical condition.If she feels uncomfortable when she dances, she will stop immediately to rest, and she will consult a doctor in time.In the past few days after her production, her physical condition is better. She feels that proper exercise is good for her body.

Shi Xia’s mother told reporters that because her daughter was a dance coach, she would not discourage her daughter when she saw her dancing with her pregnancy, but she would remind her to take a rest in time.One month before her daughter was produced, when the mother and daughter were walking together, Shi Xia, who was pregnant, was faster than her mother.

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