The preserved egg contains a high lead. Will you poison and cause cancer if you eat too much?Can preserved eggs still eat?Understand

Introduction: Speaking of preserved eggs, I believe everyone will remember it. This is a very delicious food. It is also called "Songhua Egg" and is one of the special foods in my country.

Do you know how this kind of substance is constituted?It mainly uses salt tea and alkaline substances to cause physical and chemical changes to form a gel state.In the process of eating, we will find that the color inside such substances is deeper.

It is different from ordinary eggs, but whether it is cold or porridge, its taste is very good and delicious.Therefore, some consumers have also been harvested in our country, and they also have a certain market.However, this kind of substance will generate a substance in the process of production. It is insoluble in protein and presented in the shape of the crystalline. It is like a pine flower blooming alone in the cold wind.

One day, I bought a few preserved eggs in the supermarket. I wanted my mother to make a preserved egg lean porridge for me, but she rejected me righteously.I was very puzzled, so I asked my mother for the reason. She said that she saw a news on the Internet. The news said: The lead content in the preserved eggs is very have questioned this statement. After all, this kind of substance has been circulating for thousands of years. People have eaten preserved eggs every day. Isn’t it okay?

My mother told me another example that the neighbors next door had a few days ago because of eating preserved eggs and eventually indigestion. As a result, I went to the hospital to check food poisoning.I didn’t believe it. After hearing this speech by my mother, I immediately threw the eggs in my hand into the trash bin, because I thought it was like a hot potato, and it was burning my heart.

In response to this problem, many professionals have conducted in -depth research. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, such foods are warm, and they have the effects of moisturizing the throat and heat removal.If you drink, then you will have the effect of hangover after eating this thing. It can also alleviate diarrhea, eye pain, toothache, etc.In the hot summer, eating preserved eggs properly can also dispel heat and fire. In the folk, there is also a saying that preserved eggs can reduce fire.

In the past traditional craftsmanship, in order to keep preserved eggs maintaining its own color and taste for a long time, the manufacturers will add a substance during the production process, and the main component inside is lead oxide.If the human body is exposed to a certain dose of lead for a long time, it will cause the nervous system to damage and cause irreversible damage to the brain.

However, with the passage of time, everyone gradually began to pay attention to good health. Therefore, in 2015, the state issued new standards for preserved eggs, and all preserved eggs must be made with a leading process.Using this production method can greatly reduce the lead in the belt and greatly reduce.As long as it is not taken in large doses, it does not have much impact on the body.


Therefore, in daily life, we must buy regular preserved eggs so that such products will have quality assurance.For children, pregnant women, or people with hypertension, it is better to touch such foods less!

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