The price is painful!The four brothers have suffered from cancer, and 3 people died in 10 years!It’s all because I didn’t take it seriously

3 brothers in 10 years

He died after liver cancer dysfunction

I was also found to have advanced liver cancer

This happened in

The tragedy of Uncle Cixi Luo, Ningbo, Zhejiang

Doctor discovered

4 brothers have been hepatitis B patients for many years

But it’s not serious

They are blind for their own

Give a painful price

4 brothers have suffered liver cancer one after another, and 3 died

Recently, Uncle Luo came to Li Huili Hospital of Ningbo Medical Center for treatment.He is 65 years old and has been in the right abdominal pain for half a month.Wang Haibiao, the director of the hepatobiliary surgery of the hospital, checked the substantive occupation of the internal liver and highly suspected liver cancer.

Last week, Uncle Luo underwent a laparoscopic right hepatic resection, pathological slices were confirmed to be liver cancer, and later.Although the operation was successful, it was still needed for chemotherapy after surgery. It is difficult to say whether Uncle Luo can survive for 5 or 10 years.

Asked about the medical history, he learned that he had been positive for hepatitis B for nearly 20 years, and his three brothers were also positive for hepatitis B for many years, and in the past 10 years, he has developed into liver cancer.

But even so, Uncle Luo did not take the hepatitis B seriously. He had not followed up for many years and did not treat it until this time he found the advanced liver cancer.

Hepatitis B is contagious?

Hepatitis B without pain and itching

It is likely to become a terrible liver cancer?

People with family history have a higher rate of liver cancer?

Uncle Luo didn’t know.

In the ward, he regretted it.

Hepatitis B is highly related to liver cancer

In the past year, Li Huili Hospital’s hepatobiliary surgery had treated more than 200 liver cancer patients, of which about 30%were found in the early days, and the remaining 70%were in the middle and late stages.

Director Wang Haibiao said that the liver is a very perseverance organ and can easily shout pain. Therefore, "liver pain" often indicates that major illnesses and serious illnesses. "But from the technical level, it is not difficult to find liver cancer in the early stage."Dr. Wang revealed that patients who were able to be found in the early days were basically based on physical examinations. It is a late stage of discomfort like Uncle Luo.

Liver cancer is highly related to hepatitis B.The Department of Liver Diseases at the Mingzhou Hospital of Zhejiang University conducted a survey of thousands of patients who have been outpatient and hospitalized in recent years. It was found that patients with hepatitis B patients were not treated with standardized treatment. After 5 years, 8%to 20%will develop into early liver cirrhosis.Patients with cirrhosis do not get effective intervention, 8%to 10%each year developed into liver cancer."Clinically, more than 80%of patients with liver cancer have had the past of cirrhosis." Said Xu Changfeng, director of the department, said.

July 28 is "World Hepatitis Day".This anniversary was formulated in 2010 by the World Health Organization in 2010, so as to improve people’s emphasis on hepatitis (mainly viral hepatitis) and propagate hepatitis to prevent hepatitis.

The theme of this year is "Actively prevent, actively detect, standardize treatment, and comprehensively curb the harm of hepatitis."The reporter learned from a number of experts that hepatitis B is highly related to liver cancer, but hepatitis B can prevent cure and do not have to develop to liver cancer.

Hepatitis B has doubled the risk of liver cancer

Viral hepatitis, food lthicillin pollution, alcoholic liver damage, drinking water pollution, and liver absorbing infection are recognized factor that induces liver–

Hepatitis B virus carriers have increased by 100 times the risk of liver cancer

"Hepatitis is the first killer that threatens human health. Hepatitis B virus is the second known human carcinogen that is second only to tobacco." Professor Cui Shuzhong, deputy dean of the Cancer Hospital of Guangzhou Medical College, pointed out that hepatitis B virus surface antigen carried for carried The opportunity for liver cancer is more than 100 times higher than the negative. About 85%of patients in my country are patients with hepatitis B virus surface antigen.

Regarding this high -risk factor, Cui Shu believes that the best prevention method is to adhere to the treatment of hepatitis of the system, pay attention to regular review, and strive for early discovery and early treatment."Like the 10 % hepatitis B virus carriers we found in the census, because they never had a physical examination, they did not know their physical problems. Such people may often be discovered from hepatitis to liver cirrhosis and liver cancer., So very dangerous. "

In addition, the prevention of hepatitis B must also be promoted.According to international research, infants in hepatitis B vaccine in high incidence areas can reduce patients with liver cancer by 80 %. Chinese scholars predict that about 70 % of patients with liver cancer can be reduced.

Hepatitis B patients need antiviral

The following types of patients with hepatitis B must pay great attention and receive antiviral treatment in time.

Givenal aminase is elevated, hepatitis B virus surface antigen is positive, HBV DNA positive, and people who belong to chronic hepatitis B need antiviral virus.

Gifer aminotransferase is normal, but the surface antigen -positive, E antigen -positive, HBV DNA positive people in the third line of hepatitis B, or HBV DNA positive, or have hepatitis tissue lesions, and are also among antiviral.

Hepatitis B virus surface antigen is positive, HBV DNA is positive, and is normal.

Patients with liver function, HBV DNA -positive, and hepatitis B cirrhosis should be immediately treated with antiviral treatment.

Hepatitis B women are pregnant at 24-28 weeks, and HBV DNA is greater than equal to 6 germs, and antiviral treatment is required.In addition, the child should be vaccinated for the first hepatitis B vaccine (yeast type) within 12 hours of birth, and complete the vaccination in accordance with the 0-1-6 procedures.Ordinary newborn also needs to inject high -priced immunoglobulin 200IU in different arms.

If a hepatitis B surface antigen is positive, patients with special treatment of radiotherapy and chemotherapy need to be treated, and antiviral therapy is required.

Hepatitis B virus over 30 years old is normal, but people with a history of liver cirrhosis and liver cancer in the family must receive antiviral treatment.

"In general, it is wrong to think that the view of hepatitis B virus infection in the past that is not needed." Chief physician Xu Changfeng said that he should comprehensively elastic imaging, or hepatic tissue procuratorial and family history decide whether to accept antiviral virus.treat.The purpose of antiviral treatment is to inhibit the copy of hepatitis B virus, control liver inflammation, and prevent liver cirrhosis and liver cancer.

These liver cancer signals have long known

Xu Li, chief physician of the Department of liver and gallbladder pancreatic at Sun Yat -sen University Tumor Prevention and Treatment Center, said that high -risk groups of liver cancer include the following categories: patients with a history of hepatitis, carriers of hepatitis B, Hepatitis C virus, family history of liver cancer, and people who have long -term alcoholic alcoholic peopleEssence

In the early days of liver cancer, the function of the liver is still sound, and the human body may not show the symptoms of liver downshift.However, this does not mean that early liver cancer can be found.Many symptoms in life may be the signal of liver cancer:

If you have dry mouth, irritability, insomnia, gums and nasal hemorrhage, accompanied by upper abdomen full, liver region discomfort, you should go to the hospital for a examination at an appropriate time.

There was a history of hepatitis and cirrhosis, and the condition has been stable for many years, and the pain or pain in the sudden liver and gall areas may be the symptoms of liver cancer.

In addition, adults over 30 years of age have a mass on the right upper abdomen and upper abdomen. The texture is hard, the surface is uneven, and the trend of continuous observation is obvious.Donification may indicate the coming of liver cancer.

To prevent liver cancer, the following four points should be done


Injecting hepatitis B vaccine

Among the people in my country, hepatitis B virus infection rate is high.Once hepatitis B is infected, there is no thorough treatment method.Therefore, preventing hepatitis is one of the most important measures to prevent liver cancer.Hepatitis B virus is transmitted by the body fluid (such as blood, secretions, etc.).In addition to paying attention to the use of blood product hygiene, not shaking knife and toothbrush with others, vaccination B vaccine is the simplest and effective prevention method.Not only will children be injected with hepatitis B vaccine, but adults have not injected hepatitis B vaccine, and hepatitis B vaccines can be injected if they have not injected hepatitis B vaccine.


Periodic inspection

If someone in the family suffer from liver cancer or other types of tumors, every 6 months, go to the hospital for an abdominal B -ultrasound examination+serum nail protein (AFP) examination, early discovery, early diagnosis.

In addition, it is recommended that men over 40 years of age or women over 50 years old, people who drink long -term drinking, and patients with diabetes will have a physical examination project every year, mainly serum nail protein and liver ultrasound.


Do not eat moldy food

Moom foods contain macroblutin, which is one of the important factors that induce liver cancer.Mold -changing foods, such as mildew corn, peanuts, melon seeds, etc. contain more yellow glimoin toxin and are not edible.


Good living habits

No matter which age, you must maintain a regular habit of living. It is best to sleep at 10 o’clock in the evening; reduce nitrosamine intake, quit smoking, and alcohol.Excessive drinking can easily lead to alcoholic hepatitis, reduce immunity, and damage the detoxification function of the liver.

Source: Ningbo Evening News (NBWANBAO), Healthy Treaty (GZRBJKGJ), family doctor

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