The queen was pregnant, but Pu Yi said, "I abolished her!"

There is no after that, and this sentence has been circulated from ancient times to the present.It stands to reason that the queen’s pregnancy should be a great event worth celebrating. After all, there will be heirs in the future, so that the throne will not be given to others.However, the last emperor Puyi was an exception. When he heard the news of the queen’s pregnancy, he said angrily instead of being unhappy, "I abolished her!" Why did Pu Yi ’s attitude?Let’s take a look at the reason.

Pu Yi’s queen is Wan Rong, a man in Manchuria, and her father is Rongyuan, the Minister of the Interior.Rongyuan is a relatively enlightened person who has always advocated equality between men and women. Therefore, he has teach Wan Rong to read words, play piano paintings, and also hire foreigners as her English teacher.A wealthy living environment, a prominent family status, a national traditional culture, and foreign culture have a profound impact on her.

Wan Rong is not only beautiful, but also the painting and calligraphy and calligraphy.Although Rongyuan advocates equality between men and women, he could not escape political marriage after all.In 1922, Rong Yuan sent his daughter only sixteen to the deep palace in order to become the state, and became the last queen in the Qing Dynasty.Although the Qing emperor had announced his abdication, he still carried the "Feng Yu" by the Emperor’s wedding ceremony from Donghua Gate into the Forbidden City. Wan Rong was still the queen in name.

Although Wan Rong became the queen, he did not have much contact with Pu Yi, because Pu Yi lost his fertility and had damage.Originally, Pu Yi was still interested in Wan Rong, but with the time of time, Pu Yi still missed the imperial power. In this way, Wan Rong began to keep the empty house alone, and a person lived a long night.

In 1924, Feng Yuxiang launched the Pu Yi out of the Forbidden City, and Wan Rong also left.The two rushed to Tianjin together, and Wan Rong stained opium when they were in Tianjin.Originally, I just wanted to alleviate the emptiness of my heart, and slowly Wan Rong fell into the point where I couldn’t extricate themselves.Due to the long -term cold waiting for Pu Yi, Wan Rong, who guarded the empty room, adulterated with Pu Yi’s attendant and conceived his child.This incident has been hidden from Pu Yi, and it is not until he was about to give birth to Pu Yi.

A person who was infertile heard that his wife was pregnant and could be happy to see a ghost.Pu Yi was furious after hearing it. Isn’t the last emperor the emperor?Can the queen be like this?Pu Yi first threatened to abolish, and then threw the child born to Wan Rong into the boiler.Although these did all of them, Pu Yi still puzzled it. In the end, Pu Yi hit Wan Rong into the cold palace, and she was not allowed to contact outsiders.Because of too much stimulation, Wan Rong suffered from mental illness, and since then, she was mad and mad.

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