The real pregnancy and fake pregnancy are stupid. I was deceived by my cat!Those cats are pregnant

How to judge whether the female cat is pregnant?When going out, who is his dad?You can only pray for a beautiful and healthy dad!

Determine whether the female cat is pregnant can start from the following aspects:

1. Go to the hospital for examination

Go directly to the hospital for examination, but most people rarely choose to go to the hospital. Generally, they rely on themselves to determine whether the female cat is pregnant, of course, it is relatively inaccurate.

2. Observe whether the female cat is in estrus

The premise of female cat pregnancy is estrus, secreting Ferlo Mon attracting the attention of male cats to mating, and the female cat will stop her estrus after pregnancy, and there will be no meow.In the middle of the air, the hind legs will step on the bicycle.

The female cat estrus is mainly concentrated in spring to autumn, and it will be estrus every two weeks. Each estrus lasts about 3 to 7 days.In addition, only pregnancy stops estrus.

3. Observe the cat’s nipples

It is difficult for the shoveling officer to see the nipples of the female cat directly, but the female cat will become bigger and red after pregnancy. It is obviously prominent. It is clear at a glance. It is about three weeks of pregnancy.Cat nipples to determine whether they are pregnant.

4. Observe the change of the cat’s food volume

Parenting is a physiological behavior for cats, and they cannot control themselves. During this time, their mood will become poor, so appetite will change, but when the female cat is pregnant, it will not be estrus.If you feel better, your appetite will recover.

5. Observe whether the cat’s belly has become larger

With the development of pregnancy, the weight of the female cat will gradually increase, and the belly will become larger and larger. At this time, do not have a cardiopha just to cause severe damage to the fetus.Of course, this does not include veterinarians who have been trained.

6. Observe the cat’s sleeping posture and daily behavior

After pregnancy, the female cat will also change, which will become more motherly and full of loving taste; the amount of exercise will gradually decrease, and they will not like to jump or jump.Walking will become a lot slowly; the sleeping posture will change from curling to stretching, so that the stomach will be more comfortable.

Characteristics of cat fake pregnancy:

When you are pregnant for three weeks, you will find that the appetite and physical condition of the female cat will be worse and accompanied by the symptoms of vomiting; in one month, the abdomen of the female cat will be significantly larger, the nipples will become larger or even milk secretion, and the appetite will increase.; I will find places suitable for production everywhere.

Does your cat also have the characteristics of fake pregnancy?In fact, cats are really pregnant and fake pregnancy are very similar. It is really difficult for ordinary people to divide real pregnancy and fake pregnancy, especially novice shovel officers. I ca n’t distinguish it. I am deceived by my cat!

Therefore, in order not to be deceived, take female cats to a professional veterinary hospital for professional examination. This can not only check the physical condition of the female cat, replenish the nutrition required in time, and more accurately determine the number of pregnant tires of the female cat, as well asThe health of the fetus.May every shoveling officer will not be deceived!

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