The relationship between sacral cysts and pregnancy and childbirth

1. Can patients with sacral cysts be pregnant?Will pregnancy increase the sacral cyst?

If the sacral cysts are already large, or the symptoms are very serious, or the influence of the urination can be used, you should first do the sacral cyst surgery before pregnancy, because pregnancy and breastfeeding are a long cycle.EssenceOn the contrary, if the galvan tube cyst is small and the symptoms are not obvious, you can get pregnant first.

If you do not break into the pelvic cavity.The sacral cysts may increase during pregnancy, but medical cysts are not taboos of pregnancy.

Although it is not contraindicated, because the period of pregnancy is long, the symptoms of sacral cysts are worsened during the period, and even the possibility of neurological dysfunction is there.Therefore, it is risky.

The possible neurological dysfunction is: large and small dysfunction, mainly manifested as rectal weakness, constipation, bladder weakness, difficulty in urination, frequent urination, and a few cases may also urinate and stool incontinence.

2. Patients with sacral cysts, choose natural delivery or choose a caesarean section?

We have no special requirements, just according to the options of obstetricians.Because the childbirth time is relatively short, in a very limited time, even if the abdominal pressure increases more obvious during natural delivery, the impact on the sacral tube cyst is not great.If it is a patient after the sacral cysts, because the leakage has been tightly blocked, it can also stand the test of childbirth.

Third, can patients with sacral cystic swelling, can patients do lumbar numbness?

The surgical incision of the sacral cyst is very small, generally only 4-5 cm, and the highest incision is generally not higher than the waist 5 level, so you can do waist numbness from a higher section.

Fourth, can the sacral cysts cause infertility?

Factors affecting pregnancy are mainly female reproductive systems and hormone levels, and they have little to do with neurological function.For example: The famous gymnarian Sang Lan caused high paraplegia due to complete neck marrow damage, and the laxative function was also lost, but under the care of modern medicine, she still successfully conceived her pregnancy.In the clinic of so many years, we have never seen cases of infertility in infertility in the sacral cyst or sacral cyst surgery.

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