The same room during pregnancy is really fine!Just pay attention to the 6 principles of 6 major principles

In the same room during pregnancy, each of us is a topic of taboos. Most people have reached a unified idea, that is, we cannot have the same room during pregnancy. I ask why it is not possible, but there is no standard answer.In fact, is the same room during pregnancy?

Many people think that the same room during pregnancy is wrong, mainly because the same room during pregnancy may affect the normal development of the fetus and worry about abortion.

In fact, most of the problems of early abortion are caused by the baby’s own problems such as chromosomal abnormalities and dysplasia.There is a small relationship with whether there is the same room.

In addition, the baby itself is protected by amniotic fluid and thick uterine muscle layers, so the same room will not cause harm to the baby.

1. In the early pregnancy, the general posture is available, but be careful not to press the abdomen of the expectant mother.

2. Do not unchanged, you need to improve your posture according to the size of the fetus.

4. In the third trimester, expectant mothers should avoid the position of lying flat.

5. Anal sex is forbidden.The incidence of hemorrhoids of expectant mothers will increase, and bacteria of the rectum may spread to the vagina, causing infection.

6. Or use other methods.If you can’t do intercourse, you can also improve the feelings with the other half by touching other methods.

7. When using condoms, pay attention to whether the partner has a latex allergy.

1. Once there was a history of premature birth;

2. Vaginal bleeding without a clear cause;

3. Early breakthrough;

4. Inadequate cervical function, the weight of the baby in the middle and late pregnancy, the cervical expansion occurs when the abdominal pain does not appear;

5. Multi -pregnant pregnancy;

6. Pre -placenta;

7. Other high -risk factors, such as the other half have sexually transmitted diseases, and so on.

Pursuing happiness is our right, but it is our responsibility to pay attention to our health and the safety of protecting the fetus.

The facts of the same room during pregnancy may affect the traditional concepts of many people, but it is indeed feasible from a scientific perspective.But we should still treat it rationally, everything is based on safety and health.This is good for her, and for the fetus.

In order to avoid possible misunderstandings, one more thing is to say: there is no harm in the same room during pregnancy, but it is not to say that encouraging a frequent sex life during pregnancy.It is just that the normal room does not affect the health of expectant mothers and babies.

If you still feel unable to go, then tolerate it first, and wait for the baby to be born again and a good man!

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