The savage girlfriend Quan Zhixian returned to his temperament after giving birth. Even the goddess worked so hard. What about you?

After giving birth, the savage girlfriend’s originator Quan Zhixian is still a goddess. From pregnancy to production, she is still the aggressive queen.

Quan Zhixian belongs to a special existence among the Korean stars. No female artist has never been a movie coffee, but also a fashionable essence.

As we all know, the Korean performing arts circle is strict. The highest status is movie coffee. For example, Sun Yizhen He Zhengyu can carry the box office independently, followed by TV actors and top singers, such as the national treasure singer Li Shanji.Love beans, such as Yuner Bian Boxian.As an idol -level artist in Asia, Quan Zhixian has countless people who are willing to pay whether it is a movie, a TV series or a TV series or a singing and singing. This is where she is different from other Korean stars.

It is difficult for people who have seen the savage girlfriend who don’t like Quan Zhixian. A male friend around him once said that when "My Savage Girlfriend" was just released, he watched it repeatedly for three or four times.The genuine DVD, he knew the music and even ran to learn the piano soundtrack "Cannon". A few years later, his wife was also with a small "barbaric girlfriend".Before that, the female lead of the Korean drama was all silly and sweet, and was only responsible for creating troubles or tears for the male lead.Quan Zhixian broke the routine and unlimited and energetic characters that made her go out of the country and became popular in Asia.

The most admirable point on Quan Zhixian is that she can "live like a team".After experiencing a popular star, it is difficult to maintain the original intention of innocence. This is a good negative textbook in Lindsayo Han in Europe and the United States.Suddenly, fame and fortune are easy to stunned people’s minds, making people unable to find North.But Quan Zhixian did not do this. After "Savage Girlfriend", she did not pick up the film to make money, but continued to maintain a low output of a movie a year.

From the fresh and pleasant painter in "Daisy", to the Wirer Wire expert in "The League of the Thieves", to the sometimes goddess of the goddess and the goddess of "You from the Stars", and then wearing a circle in "Assassination"The female sniper of the glasses, we saw countless possibilities on her.

Young girls in "Daisy" can’t see the brutal girlfriend’s fierce at all.

"Thief", some people say that this is the true appearance of Quan Zhixian.With the goddess’s face, a female Diao silk lived in her heart.

"Star You" roar Du Minjun XI’s goddess.

Being quiet can also be a strong goddess.

The calm gunner in "Assassination".

As an actor, it is enough to talk about the work of the play, and it is enough.

Koreans like Tang Wei very much, and often compare her with the national goddess Quan Zhixian.In terms of acting, maybe Tang Wei is even better. After all, it is the master who has won the soft hand at home and abroad, but if you talk about his figure, maybe Tang Wei is not as good as his sister.Quan Zhixian’s face is a typical Korean face. The fleshy faces are not large, but her head ratio is quite good, and she is not bad than European and American actresses.Just throw a few pictures.

Small head shape+leg length+tall man = true · Qi field goddess.

Private server.

Red carpet.The reporters were stunned.

Long legs are really styling.No wonder advertisements love her.

As one of the few rational actresses in the entertainment industry, Quan Zhixian divided his work and life very well.After many years of debut, he has cooperated with a number of front -line male stars. Among them, there are many popular male gods such as Jin Xiuxian, but there is no scandal.It wasn’t until 2012 that she knew that her lover was a classmate of the young bamboo horse. Even if the plum withered bamboo horse was old, the two had passed 30 and still firmly together.

She is gentle and independent, and she is a model of my generation. She did not give up her career after marriage. She still worked for advertisements in March during pregnancy.Today, most of the married women in South Korea are still doing full -time housewives. She lives out of confidence that women should have.

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