The sequel is here!Dr. Studying abroad ’s derailment during pregnancy, causing amniotic fluid rupture and scum men to play too perverted

Recently, the news about the abortion of the homework for the doctors of the beauty of the United States during pregnancy, and the news of the explosive chat history of derailment caused heated discussions on the Internet.

It is reported that the female doctor is a doctoral student studying economics in a well -known university in the United States. She is married and pregnant.However, she had dated a male doctoral student of the same school during pregnancy, and used her an excuse to review her homework.In the end, because of excessive exhaustion and emotional fluctuations, she led to a tragedy of miscarriage.What is even more shocking is that her derailed chat history was discovered by her husband and made public on the Internet, which caused the anger and sympathy of many netizens.

It is understood that the female doctor named Li, 32 years old, is an excellent scholar and teacher.After graduating from a domestic famous university in 2018, she went to a well -known university in the United States to study PhD in economics and married a male doctoral student in the same school in 2019.The two were originally a loving couple, and a model couple in the eyes of classmates and colleagues.However, at the end of 2020, Li found that he was pregnant, and it should have been a good news, but it became a turning point in her life.

Due to the epidemic, Li’s husband could not return to visit relatives, and could only stay in the United States to continue his work and study.Li did not tell him the fact that he was pregnant, but chose a person to bear the responsibility and pressure.Not only should she continue to complete her doctoral dissertation and teaching tasks, but also take care of the body and psychology of herself and the fetus.Under such circumstances, she gradually felt lonely and helpless.

At this moment, she met a male doctoral student named Zhang.Zhang is also a doctoral student in economics. He belongs to a mentor with Li, and has a similar research direction and hobbies.The two began to meet and communicate frequently on the grounds of reviewing their homework.Gradually, Li had a good opinion of Zhang, and thought he was his own conscience and soul companion.She forgot that she was already a husband and pregnant body, and developed an unfair relationship with Zhang.

Li did not realize how wrong and shame his behavior was, but was addicted to the sweetness and excitement with Zhang.Regardless of her health and safety of her fetus, she had sex with Zhang many times, and expressed her admiration and dependence on Zhang in the chat history.She even plans to elope with Zhang to abandon her husband and child.

However, there was an unexpected situation, and Li’s dream soon broke.In early 2021, Li was rushed to the hospital because of excessive exhaustion and emotional fluctuations, and suddenly he was rushed to the hospital.The doctor told her that she had lost her child and may also affect her fertility.Li was distraught, but couldn’t talk to anyone.She can only bear this pain and sin.

What she didn’t expect was that her derailed chat history was discovered by her husband.It turned out that her husband had been concerned about her life and study, and also noticed her abnormality and indifference.He began to doubt whether she had an affair and obtained her chat history with Zhang through some channels.He saw the intimacy between them and a numb dialogue, and their betrayal and deception of themselves.He felt unprecedented anger and sadness, and could not forgive and accept it.

He decided to make these chat records on the Internet and reveal Li’s true colors to everyone.He hoped that in this way, he was allowed to be punished and condemned by the deserved. He also let himself out of this painful marriage.He also said that he had filed a divorce lawsuit with the court and asked Li to compensate his mental losses and economic losses.

Once these chat records were exposed, it caused strong response from netizens.Many netizens said that Li is an irresponsible and immoral woman who not only betrayed her husband and children, but also destroyed her future and reputation.She is not worthy of a doctoral student and teacher, nor is it a mother and wife.She should be sanctioned and spurred by law and society.Some netizens said that Zhang is also a shameless and unscrupulous man who uses Li’s loneliness and fragility to seduce her to go astray and play with her.He should also be responsible for his actions and bear the corresponding consequences.Some netizens said that they were very sympathetic and understanding about Li’s husband. I hope he can come out of this nightmare and start his new life again as soon as possible.

This incident undoubtedly had a great negative impact on Li and Zhang, and also sounded alarm on the society and the education industry.As international students and doctoral students, they should focus on learning, strive to improve their professional level and academic achievements, and contribute to the country and society.As married people and expectant parents, they should cherish their marriage and family, respect their spouse and children

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