The six kinds of fruits "not welcome" in the uterus, the persimmon row at the end, the first, women will often eat

The uterus is an important organ in the female reproductive system and has a very important significance for women. The uterus is not only a place for embryo development, but also participating in the adjustment of the menstrual cycle, which has an important role in women’s health.

The uterus can also secrete a variety of hormones for the body, affecting the endocrine level of female friends.Therefore, the uterus is more critical for female friends. In daily life, you must maintain your own uterus.

Uterine health refers to the normal function and normal structure of female reproductive organs, including uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. If a woman’s uterus is healthy and good, her menstrual cycle, ovulation function and fertility ability will be relatively normal.

Women of uterine health often have these performances

The rule of menstrual cycle, the law of a menstrual cycle, women without faults are often one of the manifestations of uterine health.The menstrual cycle is normal, which can ensure that women’s physical health, normal ovulation and fertility ability. Generally speaking, the menstrual cycle from 28 to 35 days is considered a normal range.

Moderate menstrual flow, moderate menstrual flow is also a manifestation of a healthy uterus, which shows that the thickness and activity of the endometrium is normal.If the amount of menstruation is too small or too much, or there are other abnormal secretions, it may be the manifestation of uterine diseases.

Without dysmenorrhea, dysmenorrhea is usually a symptom, which is related to the problem of uterine health.If a woman has no dysmenorrhea, her uterine health may be relatively good.And dysmenorrhea may be a manifestation of endometriosis and other internal problems.

In the middle of the uterus, a healthy uterus is moderate in size, and the problem of no increase or reduction at the same time. When the uterus becomes larger or reduced, it may be abnormal performance, which is related to certain diseases.

The endometrium is normal, and a healthy uterine endometrium is smooth, thin and elastic.This state has good fertility and the role of protecting the fetus.If the endometrium is abnormal, it may be related to certain diseases.

For normal ovulation function, many women have ovulation problems, which will cause irregular menstruation and infertility.If a woman’s ovulation function is normal, it indicates that her uterine condition is healthier.

To maintain good living habits, life health habits are not only a way to promote uterine health, but also to prevent the occurrence of uterine health problems.Good eating habits, regular exercise, and stable stress, etc. are all beneficial to promoting uterine health.

The six kinds of fruits "not welcome" in the uterus, the persimmon row at the end, the first, women will often eat

For women, some fruits may affect the health of the uterus, so you need to eat cautiously in daily life.


The persimmon contains a large amount of tannic acid, which is easy to form a block in the uterus, which has a great impact on the health of the uterus.Therefore, it is best not to eat persimmons during menstruation or during pregnancy, so as not to cause uterine discomfort.


Mango is rich in vitamin C, which can enhance immunity, but too much mango can cause uterine contraction and cause discomfort similar to menstrual pain.Therefore, pregnant women or menstrual women are best to control the amount of mango.


Tomatoes contain high acidic substances, which can easily cause gastric acid reflux and indigestion.If the maturity of tomatoes is not enough, it will cause endometrium to fall off and cause bleeding. Therefore, it is best to eat less tomatoes during menstruation and pregnancy.


A large amount of monosaccharides in grapes can promote uterine contraction and cause excessive bleeding. Therefore, women must control the intake of grape during menstruation and during pregnancy.


Litchi is rich in vitamin C and sugar, which can improve immunity, but its flavor is warm and warm. Long -term consumption will cause the internal environment of the uterus to be too hot and cause a certain burden on the uterus. Therefore, it is best to control litchi during menstruation and pregnancy.Activity to avoid excessive consumption.


Although the cherry has a certain antioxidant effect, its flavor is sweet and warm, and too much consumption will make the temperature in the uterus too high, and it is easy to cause menstrual discomfort or abortion.Essence

How to maintain the uterus in women’s life

Dietary conditioning: Ensure nutritional balance, eat more foods rich in vitamins and protein, such as vegetables, fruits, fish and dairy products, reducing garbage foods, greasy foods and irritating foods, such as chili and alcohol.

Stay up late: Ensure sufficient sleep, regular schedules, do not stay up late, ensure normal metabolism and immunity of the body.

Eat less tension: reduce tension and ensure comfortable mood, don’t be too online, think about things, but to stimulate nerves.

Exercise: Appropriate exercise can promote blood circulation and strengthen the body’s immunity. You can choose mild aerobic exercise, such as walking and jumping exercises.

Avoid excessive medication: Under the guidance of a doctor, try to avoid excessive medication, do not prescribe the medicine or not, this will destroy the liver function and cause insufficient secretion of endometrium.

Conclusion: You can choose according to personal circumstances. In short, it is very important to maintain the uterus in women’s lives. Only by maintaining a healthy body can we ensure the health of the uterus and make women have a more pleasant and happy life.

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