The sixteen -year -old daughter of the hall suddenly had a stomachache in a late night, and gave birth to a boy in the hospital.

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The cousin’s daughter Xiaoru, a late night when she was sixteen, suddenly had a stomachache. Her uncle sent her to the hospital.

The doctor said: It’s all about to be given, how can I send it so late?What do you do?

My uncle suddenly couldn’t touch her head. Why is a sixteen -year -old girl born?He was stunned for a while and was at a loss.

The doctor yelled: What’s the matter with you?My wife is almost born, what are you doing?Hurry up and pay!

My uncle looked blank, and when he returned to God twice, he hurried to the payment place.

It didn’t take long for Xiaoru to give birth to a little boy.When the news came back to our village, the people in the village were shocked.

After graduating from elementary school, Xiao Ru dropped out of school and entered the city.Why is she pregnant with a child?In October, she could conceal the sea under the eyelids of her aunt and uncle?

Xiao Ru has a clear look, slender in stripes, and introverted personality.Who would have thought that such a girl looked right with a diner in the shop, and the two secretly talked about love.

Xiao Ru said, the man is from Shaoxing, but who is true?No one understands.The man has always promised to marry her and take her home to see her parents.

When Xiaoru found that he was pregnant, the man said that he went back home first, and came back to pick her up immediately.

Simple Xiaoru is convinced, but the man is there, and there is no news from then on.Xiaoru kept waiting, she looked at her increasingly bulging belly and started to stun.

The old guests in the aunt’s shop, looking at Xiao Ru’s body, joked: Xiaoru seems to be fat, so eat less!So everyone thought she was fat, including her aunt.

When Xiaoru was about to come, the belly was very obvious.But a girl who is only sixteen years old is still a child herself. Who can think of her belly with a child.

Late that night, my aunt slept in the shop and did not go home. The uncle took his four -year -old son and Xiaoru back to the old house of Chai Shui Street. I did not expect Xiaoru to give his uncle such a big scare.

After giving birth to a child in the hospital, the poor baby has not been mentioned again.As for his whereabouts, I have heard two versions:

My mother said that when she gave birth to the hospital, she was killed immediately.Others said that the baby was sent to someone, and the people who were raised were not local. This child disappeared from then on, just like he had passed the world in the future.

In short, Xiao Ru’s pain of giving birth did not even look at the child’s appearance.

Many years later, Xiaoru became a real big girl, and at the age of normal marriage and marriage.

This time, Xiao Ru was very lucky. He found a man in the village in the city, a long -term talent, tall and burly, and his family conditions were very good. Men worked at the Post and Telecommunications Bureau.

I do n’t know what to do. She was discovered by the man’s mother at the age of sixteen. In this way, the parents of the family refused to promise to let her marry into the door.

Unexpectedly, her boyfriend was an infatuated lover, and the two of them were eloped.Parents on both sides were looking for everywhere, and they didn’t find them. They did not know where the two infatuation men and women went.

The man is still a formal job, and he will be so brainless to think about it. I have to say that the two are really a pair of heavenly sets, a perfect match!

Not long after, the sensational news of the two of them was gradually forgotten.

After a few years, I chatted with my mother, I do n’t know how to talk about Xiaoru.My mother said that the two were separated for a long time, and the man couldn’t eat it outside, so he went home.

Xiaoru’s reputation in our local area was very difficult to hear. I didn’t find my mother -in -law’s house for almost thirty, so I had to follow a migrant worker and marry a foreign country.

The cousin daughter is a person in my small place, and the most dog -blooding thing I have seen has a warning significance.At that time, the mother of her daughter at home did not use Xiaoru as the negative textbook.

My mother and my sister -in -law told me and two cousins: Don’t see a man a little mother, the soul is gone, and the object does not dare to find it.

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