The Spring Festival is approaching, can I drink two glasses after turning the yin?The authoritative response is here!

What should I do if there are still symptoms after "Yang Kang"?Can I drink alcohol during physical recovery?On January 17th, the "Consensus on the Consensus on Common Experts of Chinese Medicine Treatment of New Coronatte Viruses infected Nucleic acid/Antigen", which was led by Academician Zhang Boli and Master Zhang Enxiang National Medicine, was released.Patients provide life advice.

It is reported that "Consensus on the Consensus of Common Experts of Coronal acid/antigen to Yin in the treatment of new coronary virus infection" is organized by the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.EssenceThe members of the Drafting Group are composed of more than 40 authoritative experts in the fields of breathing, emergency, infection, pharmacy, methodology, etc., combined with clinical first -line experience, clinical research evidence, and new crown infection and rehabilitation related treatment programs in the country, cities and cities.The clinical diagnosis and treatment of related patients gives full play to the characteristic advantages of Chinese medicine in "health care and prevention."

Zhang Boli interpreted the "Consensus on Common Experts of Coronal acids/Antigen to Yin" in "New Coronatte Viruses infection".He said that a large part of the infected people still have problems such as fatigue, cough, sputum, decreased smell, panic, sweating, etc.At this stage, the body’s immune system is damaged by multiple tissue organs of the body under the blow of virus and inflammatory mediaties. Although it has turned overcast, it is still in the rehabilitation stage and the body has not fully recovered.From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, although the evil qi has retreated, the righteousness has not been retired, and the symptoms of qi and yin deficiency/residual poison have occurred.The formulation of consensus is based on expert experience and clinical research evidence, highlighting "effectiveness", "safety", "practicality", "can", "available".EssenceIn terms of treatment, the consensus recommended the Tongzhi Cerage Qingjin Yiqi Fang around the core disease machine. On this basis, for the relevant symptoms of current patients, the classic prescription dialectical addition and subtraction and commonly used Chinese medicine are recommended.

Come and listen to Academician Zhang Boli

Several small suggestions after "Yang Kang"


What should I do if I have a sense of smell in the "Yang"?

Several tricks to teach you

Zhang Boli: For example, when the sense of smell and taste is not good, you can smell the sachets, smell flowers, as well as essential oils, wind oil essences, etc. You can smell the irritating smell to exercise the smell.You can also find the wings of the wings of the nose. After holding down, gently massage, clockwise 20 times, 20 times instead of 20 times, the medium strength is fine, which is also helpful.

Can I exercise after Yang Kang?

Stepping step by step is the key

Zhang Boli: In particular, it is important to move in a moderate amount during exercise, and slowly follow the feeling. There is no discomfort after exercise. This amount is similar., Slowly recover.

The Spring Festival is approaching, relatives and friends,

Can you drink two cups?

To endure it again!

Zhang Boli: Pay special attention not to drink, especially not to drink a lot.Some people say that I drink some beer, red wine?no.Especially during the period after turning the yin, you need to control the alcohol, because wine is harmful to the myocardial muscle, so you ca n’t drink, you must pay attention to tolerance.

During the festival, the hot pot is grilled,

Can big fish and meat open open?

The light diet is healthier

Zhang Boli: You must pay attention to the diet, light and nutritious diet, thick flavor of cream, tobacco and alcohol hobby and other irritating foods must be eaten less, because at this time, the digestive ability is also weak, especially the Spring Festival. EveryoneBe sure to pay attention to this, don’t eat and drink.

Comprehensive/Southeast Morning Post, CCTV News

Source: Xiamen Radio and Television

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