The stomach is as large as a pregnant woman for six months. The girl is misunderstood by her family.

Recently, a pair of mothers and daughters had fierce quarrels outside the gynecological diagnosis of maternal and children’s health hospitals in Hunan Province.It turned out that the mother suddenly found that her daughter’s belly was as big as she was.

Cheng Wei, director of the family planning and minimally invasive treatment, came out immediately after hearing the sound to check the situation.She asked carefully and did a preliminary examination for the girl, and found that the girl was complete, but her belly was as big as she was 6 months pregnant.After further inspection, Cheng Wei discovered that the girl’s ovarian has a huge tumor, which is also the third similar case of the recent consultation of the department.At present, the girl has undergone ovarian tumor stripping surgery.

Cheng Wei introduced that ovarian tumors are divided into benign and malignant.Bed tumors usually grow slowly, and may not have symptoms in small hours. They are often discovered by accident during gynecological examinations.When the tumor increases, the patient may feel abdominal distension or a lump in the abdomen.If the tumor grows a large occupation of the pelvic cavity, there may be symptoms such as frequent urination, constipation, breath, and palpitations.Malignant tumors usually grow rapidly and often have no symptoms in the early days.The main symptoms of advanced periods include bloating, touching a lump, abdominal effusion, and other digestive tract symptoms in the abdomen.Some patients may have a manifestation of malignant diseases such as weight loss and anemia.Functional tumors may cause irregular vaginal bleeding or bleeding after menopause.

Cheng Wei said that when the tumor is not exceeded, he can perform minimally invasive surgery of the abdominal mirrors, the surgical incision is small, and the postoperative is fast. There is almost no obvious scar after recovery.Since the girl did not conduct gynecological examinations in time, the tumor had grown too huge when it was found, so it was impossible to perform minimally invasive surgery.

Cheng Wei reminded that not only sexual life, other factors can also lead to the occurrence of gynecological problems, such as changes in hormone levels and ovarian cysts.Therefore, gynecological examination is very necessary, especially for women in childcare, whether there is a sexual life or not, relevant health examinations are required every year to detect and treat gynecological diseases early.

Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Mei Mei Correspondent Yu Yang Li Wei

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