The strong and irritating urine taste may be caused by these reasons

There are many reasons for the unpleasant urine odor. Recently, the website of the American "Women’s Health" magazine summarized it.


The first cause of urine odor is not enough to drink water.When the body is dehydrated, the urine will have a strong smell and dark color.


A British study showed that 40%of people felt a unpleasant smell of urine after eating asparagus.In addition to asparagus, the ball buds, onions, some spices, garlic, curry, salmon, alcoholic beverages can also cause the urine smell to change.High -salt diet will increase the concentration of urine, cause dehydration, and make the smell of urine stronger than the original.Coffee is a diuretic, which will also lead to increased urine concentration to a certain extent.

Urinary tract infection

The most common cause of women’s urine smell is the most common cause of urinary tract infections.There is a strong scent, evil odor, or slightly sweet urine.

Diabetes or diabetes preliminary stage

One of the initial symptoms of diabetes is the smell of frequent urination and rotten fruits.Because the patient’s body cannot handle sugar like a normal person, urine will have fruit or sweetness.

Vaginal irrigation

Washing not only cannot clean the vagina, but also destroys the original healthy microbial environment, causing the discharged urine to make a stench.

Kidney stones

When kidney stones are trying to discharge the body, the urine will be blocked, which will cause the urine smell to be unpleasant.

Yeast infection

Yeast grows in the vagina, which is very close to the urethra, which causes the urine smell to be unpleasant.

Genetic disease

Although this may be rarely happened, some genetic diseases are indeed related to the odor odor.If the urine smells odor, acid or fishy smell, it may be related to trisidine urine (commonly known as stinky fish).


The change of hormones (estrogen and progesterone) enables babies to grow, and also causes urine odor to change.During pregnancy (especially the first three months), the smell of urine is obvious.


Although it does not necessarily change the smell of urine itself, it will enhance its own olfactory ability and more sensitively smell the smell of ammonia in urine.

Sexually transmitted disease

STDs can also cause wicked odor of urine.The chlamydia is the most common, followed by trichomonas.

Take medicine

Some nutritional supplements, vitamin (such as vitamin B6 and composite vitamins) and drugs that treat heart disease can also cause changes in urine odor.

(Xiao Zhongyan, according to the Life Times)

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