The thin stray cat was chased by a dog every day. After 4 days of disappearance, only 2 pounds of cats found that they were pregnant.

Stray cats are almost everywhere around us, and some of them are even mixed with big brothers in communities, parks, and schools, but of course these are just examples.

Although most of the stray cats have some kind -hearted people, they are still very difficult. They often eat and do not belly. In addition, they will often be attacked from other animals. It can be said that they may meet at any time.Dangerous.

There is a resident in the community who likes cats very much. He often feeds the stray cat in the community. It can be said that he knows all stray cats in the community, but recently he found a new stray cat in the community.

He also tried to seduce this stray cat with cat food or snacks, but the cats always hid far away, as if they were particularly scared, so each time the residents left the food and left.

Although the food left is gone, it is not clear whether this new stray cat was eaten. It was fed for a few days. I did not expect that the cat did not lead to it, but it attracted a stray dog.

Is there a stray dog’s food for eating cats, but it likes to bully this thin stray cat. When the residents give it cat food every day, they can see the dogs and cats chase left and right.Just like a good friend who has known each other for a long time, every time the cat runs away, he will escape to the tree and sit on the tree.

Cat: "Dogs downstairs, do you have a meow disease, what do you do every day, can you chase others?"

Stray dog: "Listening to often say that the feeling of sucking cats is particularly good, so I want to try it too, you come down!"

After a few days of this farce, the thin stray cat was chased by a dog every day. When the residents went to feed again a few days later, he found that the cat was gone. Only the stray dog was still playing nearby.I didn’t see the shadow of a cat.

Resident: "Did it leave here? Still other kind people took it away?"

He thought for a long time, and suddenly there was a weak cry from above, which made him discover that the cat hid on a tree not far ahead.

The stray cat looks thinner. This is the first time that the resident has carefully observed the cat. He found that there seemed to be something tied to the cat’s neck. He wanted to hug the cat down and help it to unbutton it.

He brought out the power of the nine cows and two tigers slowly crawling upwards, but when he was slightly closer, the cat climbed up again. It seemed that he was not familiar with himself, or he was a little scared.

Considering the safety of the cat, he called the professional people to bring the cat to bring the cat safely.

Stray cat: "Woohoo, who will save me, here is so high, cold, and hungry, there are still people who want to take me away, but I remember that I can encounter shovel. I can’t leave here! "

The professionals are here, and they also try to hug the cats through the way of climbing trees, but they also want to fail like a kind person. The more they climb up, the more the cat climb up.

It seems that only the tools can be used. The professionals took the high -altitude operating vehicle, and they caught the thin cat.

After bringing it, the residents also saw the things around the neck for the first time. The stray cat’s neck was tied to a rope buckle. Passers -by wanted to loosen the cat, but found that the cat’s experience was not easy, and it was actually more than looking at it.After 4 days of disappearance, only 2 pounds of cats had to be pregnant.

Such a thin body is still pregnant. The doctor said that it is almost impossible to keep the child, so they can only give up their children. Many netizens expressed regret, but they said that they can understand that the cat’s own body is particularly optimistic after all.

In the end, although the cat was not found to be adopted, he also found a good family, where it once again gained the taste of love. Rio dad thinks that these should thank the residents and everyone who helped it because everyone is because everyone’sWork hard to make this world better.

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