The three "fake tofu" hidden around them have no soy beans!Don’t buy it home stupidly

Tofu as the "frequent visitor" of the table is not only smooth and delicious, but also rich in nutrition.

During the production process, tofu not only retains most of the important nutrients of soybeans, but also contains soy lecithin. It is known as "vascular clearing husband", which can reduce cholesterol and blood viscosity and help prevent cardiovascular disease.

Such tofu is naturally loved by everyone.

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However, there are some products known as "tofu", but they have little to do with soybeans, and their nutritional value is far less than real tofu, and may even harm health.

The three "fake tofu" hidden around them have no soy beans!

fish tofu

Fish tofu, many people think that it is a product of fresh fish and soybeans.In fact, there may be no fish nor soybeans in fish tofu.

If you look closely at the ingredients of fish tofu, you will find that the raw material ranked first is either "fish paste" or "fish", and there is no soybean component at all.

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The so -called "vine" is not fresh fish mud, and the raw fish will be made of sugar and phosphoric acid after the meat is picked, rinsing, and dehydrated.

In addition, in the process of making fish tofu, fish tofu often adds a large amount of sugar, oil and salt, as well as modified starch of thickening effects.

It should be noted that the modified starch also contains a certain amount of phosphate, and eating too much will hurt the bones.

Japanese tofu

The taste of Japanese tofu is similar to tofu, but it has nothing to do with soybeans.

Japanese tofu is made of eggs as the main raw material, which is made of water, salt, etc., and it tastes more like egg custard.

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Japanese tofu tastes smooth, and the elderly and children have no burden, but this may make people eat too much cholesterol and sodium unknowingly. People with high blood sugar, hyperlipidemia or hypertension should eat as little as possible.

Almond tofu

Almond tofu tastes sweet and smooth, and is a dessert that many people love to eat.

In fact, almond tofu is not true tofu, there is no soybean at all.

Almond tofu is mainly made of almonds, sugar, fresh milk or milk powder. Some of them will add refined coconut oil containing saturated fatty acids. Excessive intake will increase the risk of heart disease.

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In addition, the protein content of almond tofu is only 1/4 of the traditional tofu, and it contains more sugar. It is recommended not to eat it frequently.

TIPS: How to identify true and false tofu?

When choosing tofu, remember to look at the ingredient table.If it is true tofu, soybeans are often ranked in the top three of the ingredients.

After speaking, "fake tofu", don’t buy some real tofu, especially the following ——

These three kinds of tofu, don’t buy it home!

1 color is too white

The tofu itself is evenly milky white or pale yellow, slightly shiny.

If the color is too white, it may be added with a bleach. Do not buy it.

2 odor

Normal tofu smells the scent of beans, and you can smell it when you get closer.

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However, the tofu with problems not only does not have the flavor of bean, but also may have a pungent smell of sour. It is likely to add chemical additives.

3 Sticky touch

High -quality tofu is complete, soft and hard, with a certain amount of elasticity, delicate texture, uniform structure, and no impurities.

If the surface of the tofu is sticky, it will still stick to the hands after rinse, and the block shape is incomplete. The tissue structure is rough and loose, easy to touch, non -elastic, and impurities. You may start deteriorating. Do not buy home.

Tofu preservation small tricks:

Tofu is easy to deteriorate. It is recommended to store it in a refrigerated area. Generally, it is advisable to save 2 to 4 days.If you can’t finish it, you can put the remaining part into the freezer to make frozen tofu.

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