The three most aggressive women in history are pregnant with dragons once, and the son also became the emperor.

The ancients often said: "One life, two luck, three feng shui", although destiny is a kind of thing that cannot be seen, it seems destined in the underworld.Take the many concubines and wives of the emperor in the palace, some people can not give birth to a half daughter for the emperor, such as Zhao Feiyan and Zhao Heide.Some women only met the emperor once by accident. They were only spoiled once in their lives, and they could be pregnant with dragons smoothly, and their sons could also be the emperor.

Below, the three women who have the most angry stomach in history are for everyone. Although they are humble, their luck is surprisingly good.

1. Bo Ji

Bo Ji is a child who was born with his father Bo and Wei Guo’s woman.At the end of the Qin Dynasty, the world was in chaos. Wei Wang Bao took the opportunity to stand on his own, and Wei Yan dedicated Bo Ji to Wei Wangbao as a servant.Later, Wei Yan found the master of Xiangshu Xu to look at Bo Ji. Xu Lang said that Bo Ji was a noble person, and he would give birth to the emperor in the future.After listening, Wei Wangbao was very happy and thought that he would return that day.

As a result, his fate opened a big joke with Wei Wangbao. When Bo Ji was a servant, he could not have a child and a half daughter.Until Liu Bang killed Wei Wangbao and incorporated Bo Ji into his harem.One day Liu Bang went out and happened to meet Bo Ji. When she saw her a little bit of color, she was impulsive and fortunately.Bo Ji was pregnant since then, and gave birth to a boy in the second year, named Liu Heng.

After Liu Bang’s death, Lu Yan, the first lady of the Han Dynasty, was called the system, and Bo Ji and Liu Heng returned to their own land.Lu Yan was ruthless and killed many of Liu Bang’s son. Liu Heng was cautious because he was careful, and he was spared.After that, the royal family of the Han Dynasty died of great changes, Emperor Liu Ying died, and Lu Yan died soon.The ministers joined forces to remove the Queen of the Lu family and unanimously recommended Liu Heng as the emperor. Liu Heng inherited Dadong and became the fifth emperor of the Han Dynasty.

2. Wang Zhengjun

Wang Zhengjun is the second daughter of King Pinghou, Han Chaoyang. He has divorced his parents since he was a child. His father was lustful. He married several little wives in a row and made her mother very sad. Since then, her mother ran out of anger and remarried to Wu An.wife.Wang Zhengjun grew up in an environment of lack of motherly love since he was a child.The year when she was eighteen, Wang banned her into the palace.

After Wang Zhengjun entered the palace, he coincided with the new death of Crown Prince Liu Ye’s love concubine, and Liu Ye was deeply affectionate for Sima.Emperor Han Xuan chose five of the women entering the palace for the prince, intending to soothe the sadness of the prince.In order to live up to the good intentions of the emperor, Liu Ye just pointed out a woman closest to herself. This woman happened to be Wang Zhengjun.

Wang Zhengjun went to bed according to the requirements. Prince Liu Ye actually did not like Wang Zhengjun, who was flat. After this night, Wang Zhengjun never got the favor of Liu Ye.However, even if he got along with the prince for only one night, Wang Zhengjun was very lucky to conceive his child. The child was the Emperor Liu Xun, who later ascended to the emperor.

Three, Ji Shi

Ji Shi was the biological mother of Ming Xiaozong Zhu Youzheng. When he was young, he was then settled by the Ming Dynasty due to family rebellion.According to the rules of the captive at the time, the girl Ji Shi was sent to the palace and became a palace girl.Because of his natural intelligence, good at careful calculation, he later managed private money for the emperor.

One day, Xianzong passed the warehouse and saw Ji Shi’s beauty, vibrant, and could not help but feel rough. In the impulse, she was fortunate to be in the warehouse.Afterwards, Ji Shi was pregnant, and his stomach was bigger every day.When Wan Guifei, who was in the harem at the time, knew, immediately ordered someone to come to abandon her.The palace people could not bear to start, and they lied that Ji Shi had a tumor instead of pregnancy.Wan Guifei was still not assured, and he hit Ji Shi into the cold palace.

After Ji Shi gave birth to a child in the cold palace, Wan Guifei worsened the eunuch Zhang Min to drowns the new prince. Zhang Min was loyal to the emperor. After the emperor was unsatisfactory, he hid the child and deceived Wan Guifei that the child had died.

When Xianzong was old, he often sighed that he had no son. Later, he learned that a son was hiding behind the deep palace. He cried and immediately became a prince.Wan’s knowing that he was deceived for so many years, he was furious.Within a few days, the prince’s biological mother Ji was suddenly violent, and the gatekeeper Zhang Min also swallowed his gold and committed suicide.In the twenty -three years of Chenghua, Wan Guifei and Xianzong died one after another.

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