The Top Ten Top Ten Ten Top Ten Torture and Top Ten Boties are coming to see which one you have experienced

The World Cup ended a few days ago, Argentina won the championship, and I won the championship.The sudden release policy made most people participate in the battle in this battle, and the partners around them successively became the captain.Due to the different constitutions of each person, there are many different symptoms, today I will take a look at the top ten torture and strains of the new crown to see which one you have experienced.

Let’s take a look at the strain first, because the strain may determine your symptoms.

First of all, it is dazzling rice. After suffering from this plant, what you do n’t eat for 800 years, what you want to eat now, people are loss of appetite. You are stuffing things like zombies, and you eat while burning.

The second is the blade plant with a throat like swallowing a blade. Every time the throat is trembling, the pain that can not stop the pain medicine that can’t stop breathing is so painful that he can’t breathe.

The third is the lucky strain. Although there is no symptoms, the fever is only one day, and I am energetic.

The fourth is the sore plant, which is sore and unbearable. The big man came out of the room like having a child with a child with three fingers and moved step by step.

The fifth pregnancy plant, nausea wants to vomit, the stomach is rolling in the rolling river.From time to time like a pregnancy reaction.

The sixth is to chew the waxing plant. Those who suffer from this plant have no sense of smell, and they can’t smell anything. They can’t taste anything.

The seventh is the fire -spraying plant, which has been high fever and is as hot as the sun. This winter does not seem to be too cold to these people.

The eighth is the weight loss plant. After the sun, the appetite is lost.

The ninth is the rare plant, always running the toilet, pulling it a few times a day, and pulling it to dehydration.

The tenth is learning strains. This seems to be the favorite strain of parents, and suddenly has a strong interest in learning.But the symptoms disappeared after the disease.

After a large number of circles of friends, there are eleventh strains and fart.After the sun, he kept farting, and most of the farts, and he couldn’t hold it.

Depending on the infected strains, you may experience one or more of the top ten torture.

What strains are you, and how many torture has you experienced?Fortunately, the main course of the main disease is generally about 7 days, otherwise it can’t be carried.I hope that the little friends who have no sun will insist that the friends who have passed will not relax, but they should pay attention to protection. After all, it will be a sin.

I hope that the epidemic will end early, and everyone can live a free life without pain.

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