The two sisters marry two people who are very different. They met many years later. The husband’s husband was stupid.

Damei and Xiaomei are sisters, and Damei is two years older than Xiaomei.Damei followed her father and was serious, and Xiaomei followed her mother. She was really a little beauty.The poor personality of the two sisters is not a little bit. Damei is relatively quiet and restrained, and she does not say anything simply. Xiaomei has been vividly active since she was a child.Although both daughters are fleshy and their families can’t feel it, from the perspective of outsiders, the parents of Damei Xiaomei are still a bit inclined to Xiaomei.

However, the love of the two sisters is not affected by outsiders, so that they have grown up together to the age of the marriage.Xiaomei is beautiful, and the husband’s family is very rich. At the beginning, the mother did not agree with Xiaomei’s marriage. Because of her mother’s marriage, she was suspected of "climbing" by her mother -in -law.The mother was afraid that Xiaomei would be aggrieved in the past.From the perspective of outsiders, Xiaomei ’s marrying scenery can only smile back, but they do n’t know that Xiaomei has never returned home for the past three years.

Shortly after Xiaomei got married, Damei was also married. Damei’s husband’s family was not solid. Her mother -in -law was farmer, and her father -in -law was disabled. Even their wedding rooms were renovated in their early old houses.Although Damei is not a rich man, but his parents are reluctant to marry his daughter to suffer, so his father and mother resolutely disbelierated Da Mei to marry the burden of living a family in the past.Mom and Dad did not expect that Damei, who has been obedient since childhood, has not heard of them. This time, I did not listen to them. Tie Xingxin was going to marry. Mom and Dad saw Damei insisted like this.All you have to suffer.

After the marriage, the two sisters were not as kissed as in their early years. Damei often went home with her husband to see her parents, but Xiaomei did not go back once.After a year of marriage, Damei was pregnant and called Xiaomei to say that he wanted Xiaomei and wanted Xiaomei to come and see her.Xiaomei owed her sister’s intention, so she had to go.

The sisters did not see each other for three years, they hadn’t stunned, but the two husbands stunned first.Damei often told her husband that her sister is very beautiful. Now when I see it, I feel that it is not as beautiful as my wife said.And Xiaomei’s husband had seen Damei before. At that time, the dark and black and black, which was so white and beautiful like now.

But not, Damei’s husband has made money in business in the past two years, and often buys various supplements for Damei and buy beautiful clothes …. She is willing to spend money on Damei.Xiaomei said to Damei that she was not well married at all. Her mother -in -law often disliked her. She said very harshly. Her husband’s words to her mother -in -law were all the way, and the foundation could not expect him.In the end, Xiaomei pulled Dami’s hand and said that marrying people had to marry rich people, and to marry a good person, regardless of the poverty.

After Xiao Mei left, Damei thought for a long time.She and Xiaomei’s road were chosen by themselves, and they couldn’t look back in her life.Looking forward to Xiaomei’s good life together, she touched her belly in her heart and said to her children, "Mom is fortunate to meet your father, whether he is poor, he is still rich."

Yes, beautiful, like people drinking water, knowing cold and cold.

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