The value of the value drops a little, and Wuhan people are willing to spend money to eat durian

Cao Lei, Chief Reporter of Polar News

The durian, known as the "king of fruits", has become more and more close to the people. When this summer has not arrived, the trend of "falling a day" has appeared.Jimu Journalists visited and found that starting from mid -May, durian from tropical regions in the south put down the "high -cold" attitude in the past, and became one of the hottest fruits in fruit stores, fruit and vegetable markets and supermarkets at a cheaper price.

According to the fruit wholesale market and origin buyers, since May this year, imported durian from tropical regions in Southeast Asia has ushered in high yield, which has increased significantly compared with previous years.Compared with the high price above yuan, the current price is very cost -effective.

The lowest price a day is only half the highest level

On May 22, outside of a fruit and vegetable supermarket on Hankou’s Xingye Road, Ms. Zou, who lived nearby, carefully selected the durian in the fruit zone.The price tip next to the side is marked with the eye -catching price: 25.8 yuan/jin.

Wuhan citizens can spend less money to eat durian this summer (Photography: Cao Lei)

"I bought a big durian last week and spent more than 150 yuan. At that time, I thought it was the cheapest time." Ms. Zou said that last week was also the same variety of durians in this shop last week. The price was 28.8 yuan.A pound: "That price is already cheaper, 1 or 2 yuan lower than the supermarket."

Ms. Zou and their friends are particularly loved to eat durian, and often spelled to buy a whole piece.Even so, everyone usually spends tens of dollars or even hundreds of yuan."The durian in the past few years has never been less than 30 yuan a pound. It is often more than 38 yuan. The most expensive time should be sold for nearly 50 yuan per catty." Ms. Zou said that several friends used to spend up to 500 yuan.Buy a durian to eat, and everyone shared more than 100 yuan: "The current price is nearly half of the highest price."

The number of imports in the place of origin has increased the number of imports and imports, which greatly increased the price reduction

On May 23, Jimu Journalists came to a chain supermarket at Houkou Lake Avenue.The durian in the fruit sales area is equally popular.Citizens choose the "better opening" fruit in the pile of mountain durian fruit.The shopping guide said that since the May Day holiday, the number of durian in the store has increased significantly, and the price has begun to continue, from 35.8 yuan a pound to 27.8 yuan per catty.

In the fruit wholesale market in Bai Shazhou, Wuchang, durian from Thailand became the "key target" for buyers.A buyer at a chain store told Jimu News reporter that since mid -May, whether they have obtained from the first -level wholesale market or the shipping price provided by the fruit broker, they have been declining: "BasicallyDelivery once every three days, and you have to drop a few cents at a time to 1 yuan. "

The wholesaler introduced that the price of durian this year was not very high when it was just listed in mid -April. Compared with previous years, it was about 3 yuan lower than the previous pound. The main reason was the harvest of the origin.The increase in supply, the decline in price is normal market law.

Eating durian this summer will be more free this summer

During the interview, some people in the industry said that the output of Thailand this year has increased by about 30 % compared to the average level produced in previous years.In the case of a large output base, the total supply of this year has increased greatly this year, and the obvious price reduction is ushered in, which also indicates that it is expected to continue for a long time compared to the low -cost period of previous years.

"According to the rules, the concentrated listing period of durian started from mid -May and continued until July." Liu Cong, the person in charge of a local chain fruit store, revealed that in the fruit market across the country, the value of durian is "lowered sound."One piece", especially in the southern region, some places are less than 20 yuan per catty, which is enough to show that the supply of durian this year is sufficient: "It is still just a concentrated supply period, even if it will not significantly reduce the price as the time later, it will not be significantly reduced in price.It is also difficult to return to the high price of 4 or 50 yuan per catty in the past. "

At the same time, Li Cong also reminded that the biggest feature of durian’s fruit is that it is not easy to save. As long as the fruit is mature to crack, it must be sold or eaten immediately."So for sellers, you must sell realization as soon as possible after purchase, otherwise it is very large. This is also a good news that can eat durian as much as possible for consumers."


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