The weather is cold in winter, and pregnant mothers are prone to five mistakes, which is not good for pregnant women and fetal treasures.

When I saw the animal world when I was young, I saw snakes, bears, crocodiles, turtles, frogs, hedgehogs, squirrels.In order to save energy, they simply sleep.

When I grow up to work, I found that it takes too much courage to go to work in winter. I even saw that the post -90s resignation book was written like this before.

It turns out that some people also have hibernation.

The wayward post -90s can be too cold in winter, but our pregnant mothers who are pregnant cannot be lazy because of winter, because the mother’s every move will affect the health of the fetal treasure.”Zero plan”

The first misunderstanding: hibernate like animals

The weather is relatively cold in winter. Many pregnant mothers stay in the room all day. Either sitting on the sofa watching TV, eating snacks, or sitting at the table for dinner, or lying on the bed and sleeping.

It is no different from the hibernation of animals, and you can stay at home all day without going out.

After eating a small amount of sleep, it is easy to cause the mother’s weight to get out of control.

From the second trimester to the third trimester, it is recommended that the mother’s weight is between half a pound and eight or two per week.

The growth of weight during pregnancy is best to control between 23 and 32 catties. If the mother enters the hibernation mode by sherself, it will easily lead to weight loss.

The second misunderstanding: excessive warmth

The body temperature center of our human body will automatically regulate the body temperature, and it can also bear it cold. The hotter will be adjusted by sweating.

Many mothers wrap themselves like a dumplings in winter, and they are warm from scratch to toe.

Even the body was warmed up.

If there is heating, you stay in the heating room 24 hours a day. If there is no heating, use a heater during the day and electric blankets at night.

In short, don’t let a trace of cold wind invading his body.

In fact, after pregnancy, our basic body temperature will be a little higher, and normally, we will not be so afraid of cold.

Instead of keeping warm, we often sweat our body in the winter, and sweating in the body can easily feel itching of the skin.It is even possible to get hot.

The third error: take a bath every day

Many pregnant mothers in the south love cleanly and take a bath every day.There is no heating in the southern room. There is rarely air -conditioning in the bathroom, which is usually pretending to be a bath.

Because the pregnant mother itself is enlarged, the skin is more prone to itching symptoms. In addition, the secretion of sebum in winter is reduced, and the skin is dry and itching.

At this time, if the mother takes a bath every day, she will wash a small amount of sebum on the skin more clean, making the skin feel itchy.

If the home is using a gas water heater, there will be the risk of gas leakage.

In addition, the pregnant mother’s belly is bigger and heavier, and it is not convenient to wear clothes and undress.

In case wearing clothes is too slow, it may be easy to get cold.

So take a bath every day, there is no need, as long as we change the panties every day to wash the vulva.

The fourth misunderstanding: only pay attention to temperature and not pay attention to humidity

In winter, the north is 24 hours a day of supply. There is no heating facilities in the south, but most families have air -conditioned air conditioners that can also be used to turn on heating.In a heating room, the water in the air will be evaporated, so the air will be dry.

The dry air will make the mother feel dry and always want to drink water, but it seems that drinking water does not quench thirst.Drinking too much water, and always wanting to go to the toilet, especially at night, it will affect the sleep of pregnant mothers.

And the air is always very dry, and the mother is easy to feel itchy and easy to catch a cold.

Fifth misunderstanding: I am afraid that I do n’t eat fruits in winter, do not drink milk, eat less vegetables

Fruit contains a lot of water. In winter, we will feel that eating fruits is a bit cold, so many pregnant mothers are unwilling to eat fruit.

In winter, there are not many types of vegetables, and they have to wash vegetables before making vegetables. Many families eat less vegetables in order to save trouble.

Some pregnant mothers even felt that the milk was cold, and even milk was unwilling to drink.

Vegetables and fruits mainly supplement vitamins and dietary fiber, which can prevent pregnant mothers constipation, and can also prevent mothers from growing too fast.

It is very important and indispensable for the health of mothers and fetal treasures, so even in winter, you have to eat a pound of vegetables and half a catty of fruits every day.

Pure milk can be kept in warm water before drinking, and drink about 400 ml of milk every day to meet the needs of pregnant mothers and fetal treasure calcium and high -quality protein.

1. Pay attention to humidity

When boiling heating, the humidity of the indoor will decrease. It is recommended to increase the indoor humidity through the humidifier or the corner of the room.It will be better to keep the humidity at 55 degrees.

2. Pay attention to nutritional balance

Balanced nutrition is that we are eating according to the food of the dietary pagoda during pregnancy.A balanced intake of various foods can meet the needs of our physical development and prevent our weight from growing too fast.

3. Pay attention to cleaning and hygiene

We don’t recommend taking a bath every day, but it is recommended to change the panties every day to clean the vulva.Washing hands before meals is also necessary.When you go out, pay attention to wearing a mask, and you can even wear gloves.

4. Pay attention to moderate exercise

In addition to the early pregnancy of the fetal treasure, and after 36 weeks of pregnancy, at 13-35 weeks of pregnancy, it is recommended that pregnant mothers exercise for half an hour a day.It helps improve the body’s immunity and cardiopulmonary function, reduce various discomfort during pregnancy, and help the healthy growth of fetal treasure.

5. Pay attention to the regular life

I get up every day for breakfast, lunch, dinner and sleeping time, which is relatively fixed, which is conducive to forming a stable biological clock, and it is also conducive to the health of pregnant mothers, and the growth and development of fetal treasures.

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