The well -known actress suddenly announced that she was pregnant!Boyfriend she is 7 years old

March 13

S.H.E group member Selina Ren Jiaxuan has been pregnant in her chat radio section through Weibo!

Ren Jiaxuan selina posted on Weibo:

"Thank you so much, I am full of joy, and share a good news with you. I ~ Huai ~ pregnancy ~ I am a baby in my belly, I named" Small Lumbar Fruit "! Why? Welcome to listen to my show ‘welcoming and solved’! (Hahaha! Don’t forget to promote it.) Add a slide.Peel, even naughty. ‘I said:’ Cubes ~ Into, smiling eyes. Raising, the corner of the mouth of the smile! Mom hopes that the cashew fruit is a happy child. "

Picture source: Ren Jiaxuan Weibo

On the 13th, Ren Jiaxuan revealed on the radio that she was pregnant for 12 weeks.The reason why I chose this day is because after 3 months of pregnancy, she can be announced. On the other hand, her dog leaves her on this day.arrival.

Ren Jiaxuan also wrote a poem to the child: "In March of last year, I introduced Xiao Xu to write the first oil poem. For fairness, this year’s oil poem will be given to the small waist fruit! Forty -one woman, the lucky life is germinated, Cherish each other’s pace, please eat sugar with great joy. Spring is blooming, and my cashew fruit is here. "

Ren Jiaxuan admitted that he felt very unrealistic for the first time, and even his boyfriend Xiaoxu moved to tears, and was excited about being upgraded to be a parents.After the news was exposed, not only did a large number of fans commented, but the good sisters Hebe also congratulated the agent: the two most beautiful lines during the epidemic!Life is a gift of heaven. I feel surprised and beautiful. At the same time, I am surprised that my wife’s body is too young and healthy!I look forward to the arrival of new life.

Ella, who is currently on vacation with his family, also said excitedly that he knew was very excited and moved.I am very happy for her, I am convinced that this is a gift given to her by heaven, and I am looking forward to the arrival of a new life.Now I just want to sing: Welcome, this beautiful new world, moved, and happy one by one.

Picture source: Ren Jiaxuan Weibo

Netizens said, "Congratulations to Selina as a mother!" And sent a blessing.

In March 2022, Selina was photographed holding hands with her boyfriend who was several years old. She posted a post on Weibo to respond to the relationship: "Forty -one women’s flowers, lucky love is germinated, cherish the same steps, small loveLittle love, please eat melon. Spring is blooming, and my spring is here. "According to Taiwan media, her boyfriend is 7 years younger than Selina.

In April 2022, Selina was interviewed with a new relationship. He admitted that he had no idea about him because he felt that his boyfriend was young.Later, she learned that her boyfriend and friend revealed: "I want to be my Xiu Jiekai", and I think my boyfriend is very cute and warm.She also said: "I cherish myself very much, I enjoy myself more and more."

In May 2022, Selina said that she had stated with her boyfriend that "I won’t be able to marry anymore." If her boyfriend proposes well, she will promise but not register, and bluntly say "tied up with anything to restrict us and restrict us.It is better to communicate well and make the heat continue. "

On the day of Valentine’s Day on February 14 this year, Selina also posted her photo with her boyfriend, and she was so loving: "Today, I really ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’! Thank you yourself, and thank you."

Selina’s ex -husband Zhang Chengzhong was a lawyer, and the two held a wedding in Taipei on October 31, 2011.On the evening of March 4, 2016, Selina announced on the social platform to decide to divorce.She said that she did not play a role in a good wife and admitted that "we are really unhappy to become couples."

Source: Jimu News, Surging News, Ren Jiaxuan Weibo

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