The whole pregnancy is unbearable, unbearable

The pain and sadness experienced during pregnancy, only the pregnant mother can understand.What are the stages of pregnancy?Which stage do you think during pregnancy is the most difficult?

Pregnant mothers are not worse than me during pregnancy. Memories always make people want to cry.Let me describe how miserable my whole pregnancy is?

1. Early pregnancy (1-1-3 months) pregnancy

Pregnancy: Most pregnant mothers who are pregnant in the early pregnancy will be accompanied by pregnancy vomiting, and some pregnant mothers will not have pregnancy.Pregnancy is the most uncomfortable day during pregnancy. I want to eat more food to add more food to the fetus in the abdomen, but it cannot be done.It is very sensitive to the taste. No matter what the taste is smelling, it starts to vomit. I used to like to eat vegetables. Now I do n’t have appetite to eat. Every time I get a meal, I have to eat it.If you have time to digest, you spit it out.Tomit once, feel the bile of the stomach, spit out.

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I remember that I still saw red for more than two months during pregnancy, and I did not go to the hospital for examination. I just checked it online. Many pregnant women were okay with redness, so I could rest assured.Note: When you see red, you must go to the hospital for examination to ensure the health of the fetus.

There seems to be more than two months of pregnancy, nosebleeds for no reason, nosebleeds have been flowing a lot. Remember to start from cooking for dinner. It lasted almost three hours.One heart wonders if it will affect the fetus.At that time, I was really scared. My father -in -law had always encouraged me. It was okay. I didn’t go to the hospital the next day. The heart was so great that it was okay to listen to the father -in -law’s words. I thought it was just the encouragement of fear at the time. I didn’t expect that what he said was okay.I don’t have to go to the hospital for examination, and I didn’t take me to the hospital for examination, so I let it go.Note: Whether it is a big deal, as long as you feel uncomfortable, you must go to the hospital for examination to ensure whether adults and fetuses are healthy.

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2. In the middle of pregnancy (4-16 months)

Pubic pain: pubic pain is pain that occurs only in the third trimester. I have gradually started to hurt since 4 months. I am really an alternative.When I went to the hospital for examination, the doctor said: The fetus is very healthy. I said: So how do I have pubic pain in the middle of pregnancy?The doctor said: I may be too thin, malnutrition, or it may be that my baby presses my pubic bone.

It is terrible to pain in the pubic bone!It hurts to affect sleep. The doctor said: lying on the side to sleep on the leg, it can be relieved and does not play a role in me.I didn’t sleep on the side until I gave birth, I didn’t dare to lie flat and sleep, I was afraid that it was not good for the fetus.It hurts to get up, and it hurts to walk or go up and down the stairs.

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Back pain, leg cramps, and edema in the middle of pregnancy, back pain also started to occur slowly, until delivery.

Frequent urination: From the end of pregnancy, the urine is frequent until delivery, sleep at night, get up to the toilet every hour, and almost run to the toilet for six or seven times a night.

3. In the third trimester (accompanied by fake contraction) pubic bone pain plus pain

The third trimester is the most difficult day for pregnant mothers. As the fetus continues to grow, the weight continues to increase, causing the pregnant mother’s body burden to be heavier.There will be fake contractions every day. There will be pain of fake contractions. It will not be time for a few minutes. Coupled with the pain of the pubic bone and the deepening of the waist pain, it is about a few times more painful.Can’t breathe.Whether you are lying, standing, sitting, sitting, it is painful.

In the third trimester of pregnancy, the pregnant mothers can only choose to sleep on the left side, which is good for the fetus. Originally, the pubic pain and low back pain were painful, and the sleep was painful.But for the healthy development of the fetus, in order to welcome the arrival of new life, it will be difficult to survive.This is the greatness of mother love!

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Summary: It is uncomfortable throughout pregnancy, and it is difficult. It is not only pregnant in early pregnancy, but also pubic pain, low back pain, fake contraction, leg cramps, foot edema, and so on.

It is important to maintain a good mentality as long as pregnant mothers maintain a good attitude.

Old saying cloud: Xinyue is beautiful, and heart sadness is declining.Everything in life is born from the heart.Only the mentality is good, everything is like!

Moms or mothers during pregnancy say which stage is the most difficult during pregnancy?

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