The wife "pregnant" back to her mother’s house to raise a tire, the working husband went home to visit, and saw the consequences and chose to break up

I am a private company HR. There are many friends who grew up together since I was a child, and then I slowly lost contact, but there is a buddy who has a very good relationship so far, named Zhang Shihao.In my heart, this brother’s feelings are very important, so I will contact each other every time. When he gets married, I also deliberately fly back to the best man.As a brother, when they saw their husband and wife exchange the precepts, they were crying and crying.

The two of their husbands and wives met when they worked in a company in a foreign country. They had affection in contact with each other. The relationship has always been better. After a year and a half of love, the two also entered the palace of marriage smoothly.My brother is a good gentleman. I do n’t smoke or drink. I usually know the game occasionally, and I have a more docile personality. My brother and sister are very laughing people. Looking at the cheerful, although it is not a very beautiful type, it is also veryThere is the style of the little girl next door.So I am especially happy for them.

After a year or so, when I called and contacted, I learned about their recent situation from the brothers. For a few months, my brother and sister said that she was pregnant. In order not to get my wife tired, let her resign.Mother’s family has a fetus.Usually they still have a telephone video to chat and complaints with each other. This happens to encounter a holiday. I asked the time for a few days and went home to visit my wife.When it comes to the holidays, I won’t go back without holidays.But after returning home, she was stupid. My wife’s belly was still flat, and she didn’t look pregnant at all.

It turns out that his wife has never been pregnant. Why did he lie to say that he was pregnant? This made him unable to understand. It turned out that his parents had called with her. I very much hope that he can open the branches and leaves earlier., A man and a woman, and it is very clear, if you have a son to reward a house earlier, he will pass by at that time, because now his career has just had a brow, and he really wants to develop it again.Besides, I did not expect that my wife was so concerned. The hypothesis returned to her mother’s house to let his parents transfer the house earlier.After making it clear, he couldn’t sit still. After confirmation, he decided to divorce her decisively.

I heard the best friend to tell me here, and there were even some choking. I could only speak well. I couldn’t imagine that such a younger sister who looked cheerful next door would do such a thing.When can he get out of this love?

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