The wife did not come to the holiday in March, thinking that she was pregnant, and took it to the hospital for an examination.

My name is Li Yi and is a rural farmer.I used to hate the lives of people in the city, but now I want to take my wife to live in the city. I have suffered too much in the countryside in the countryside. I even feel that I can’t lift my head in front of everyone.You are me, you must not want to go out, and you want to find a ground sewing in when you see others.

Before, my family was very bitter. Even the old houses stayed in the Republic of China had no one lived. I lived with my parents.But everyone laughed at me and made my parents suffer such a suffering. I heard that this house was a dangerous building. As soon as it was stormy, it may collapse. Everyone said that I was placed on the edge of life and death.I was really powerless at that time.

Later, I was determined to get up. For my parents, I would not let everyone laugh at me. I boldly tried the loan and opened the first breeding base in the village.Visit and learn my management methods.Soon I had money, so I built a new house. Everyone also looked at me and changed my previous view.

Through a blind date, I met my ex -wife. Because I had a certain economic strength, she soon promised to marry me, but she could not have a child five years after marriage. His parents always wanted to hug grandsons.what to do?I took her to the hospital for examination, and found infertility.My heart was ashamed, but my ex -wife said that I couldn’t do it outside. I had no feelings with her, and now I was even more disappointed.But the villagers laughed at me and said that I was useless and was thrown by my wife.

After the divorce, I always wanted to find someone who really loved each other and was willing to have a child for me, so I didn’t go to a blind date anymore. Instead, I went out to work outside and asked my parents to help my breeding base.In the work factory, I met Xiaojiao, who was seven years old. She was a cute girl. It was not only hardworking, but also optimistic and joking.I showed her directly to her. She thought I was joking, so she joked and said, "Okay!" I didn’t expect that both of them became true later.

I took her home, and my parents were very satisfied, but the villagers began to say three or four, saying that my old cow eats tender grass, but I just want to have a home with Xiaojiao, I can’t control so much.After getting married, we have always been very happy, but I found a strange thing, that is, Xiaojiao did not come to a holiday after three months of marriage. I thought she would be pregnant. I’m sorry to follow me with me.Let’s talk about it, so he took her to the hospital for examination.

The result made me feel heartbroken.The doctor told me that because my wife had dysplasia when she was a child, menstruation caused no menstruation.After repeatedly urged the scriptures, it was found that the placenta was too small, no eggs, and the uterus had severe dysplasia. She also said that she might not have a child in the future. After listening, I had a feeling of life that was better than death, but I didn’t want to give up Xiaojiao.

After knowing her situation, Xiaojiao took the initiative to ask for divorce, but I did not agree and resolutely disagreed.No matter if there is any child, I decided to take her to live in the city and stay away from the ridicule of the neighbors.Xiaojiao is a good girl. She knows that I am not easy to live and don’t want to increase my burden. How can I not cherish my wife in this way?(The picture comes from the Internet)

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