The woman does not know that the fetal movement is peristalized by the gastrointestinal motion ~ What does the fetal movement feel?

Jiangsu Baoma Lai Women’s video on the Internet is hot

I did not perceive my 5 months of pregnancy.Treating heated discussion among netizens.Lai Girl said: In the past 5 months, she has not been pregnant. She usually climb the wall and climb the tree up and down. Following Liu Genghong’s jumping exercises, there is no pressure. Like not pregnant, only a little fetal movement is treated as gastrointestinal motility, even living together.Half -year mother did not see that Ms. Lai was pregnant.

In the end, her mother -in -law reminded that Ms. Lai was in a tide to detect and found that she was pregnant for 5 months.

However, Ms. Lai’s stomach was almost the same as normal people in the early days of pregnancy.Mom did not see pregnancy.

Many novice mothers privately letter mother: How many months of pregnancy have fetal movements?

Generally, pregnant mothers will start to feel fetal movement at 20 weeks of pregnancy. As the week of pregnancy increases, fetal movement gradually increases.Different pregnant women are different.

At 32-34 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal movement reached its peak, and gradually decreased after 38 weeks of pregnancy.

What is fetal movement?

Fetal movement is the activity of the fetus that hit the uterine wall in the mother’s uterus.The fetus rolls at the abdomen at the abdomen and beats kung fu or something. You obviously feel that the abdomen will move a few times!The fetus stretched out his hand in the uterus, kicked his legs, and hit the sub -uterine wall. This is the fetal movement.

Different months, the fetal movement of pregnant mothers is different ~

[May pregnancy]: You can feel it slightly, but it is not obvious

Some people describe like intestinal qi, like butterflies are flying, like earthworms per creep, like a fish swimming.

[June pregnancy]: It feels obvious

At this time, the fetus is small and can be freely shuttled in amniotic fluid.Pregnant mothers will feel that the fetal movement is near the navel and expands to both sides.

[July pregnancy]: See fetal movement

The fetus reached out and kicked in the uterus. Some pregnant mothers with thin skin could clearly see the fetal movement.At this time, the fetal movement is near the stomach and expands to both sides.

【August pregnancy】: Pain

The fetus began to fix the head and down, and occasionally kicked the breasts under the chest, making the pregnant mother feel pain.

[September pregnancy]: Pain intensified

The fetal movement is all over the abdomen, and the hands or feet will suddenly protrude or the movement is fierce, which makes the pregnant mother feel that the stomach is tingling.

[October of pregnancy]: The movement becomes smaller

When the fetus grows up, the space in the palace becomes smaller and not so frequent and fierce.

During the long pregnancy, the baby was sleeping most of the time, but when he was awake, he was also a little energetic, naughty little guy ~

Usually in the mother’s belly, there will be these small movements ~

Yawn, sucking and swallowing

At 11 weeks of pregnancy, the baby’s baby learned some new skills -yawning, sucking and swallowing.

The baby yawn is like us, and his mouth is wide. The amniotic fluid surrounded by TA has become a "toy" that enter and exit, swallowing and playing in TA’s mouth, just like blowing bubbles!

Mobilize bones and bones, be a ghost face

The baby often turns over in the later stages of pregnancy and kicks through. The expectant mothers will feel that the baby slides on both sides of the waist. It seems to be hugging her mother and coquettish with her mother.TA will also touch his face from time to time, and his face expression is much enriched.

Umbilical cord

The baby always uses the umbilical cord as a "toy" in his stomach, turning around and playing around the umbilical cord, and sometimes "accidental" is detoured by the umbilical cord.

Grab the site

The older the baby, the bigger and bigger, and began to open up the site in the mother’s belly, squeezed the organs in the mother’s body, moved the intestines to the upper abdomen, and the stomach also narrowed the site. Because of this, many expectant mothers appeared in the stomach.Discomfort.

Fetal movement is such a wonderful and amazing magic, please enjoy the expectant mothers ~

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