The woman found other women’s pregnancy photos in her husband’s mobile phone.

In recent years, the divorce rate in various regions of my country has risen significantly. The marriage rate has continued to decline compared to previous years. Various emotional crises have occurred between the older generation couples. The younger generation is very cautious about marriage. People stay away from marriage.

The root cause of this phenomenon is the infidelity of the partner to the family, and only cares about the stability of the family only cares about its own desires.The importance of strengthening the stable development of marriage is urgent!

In recent days, Ms. Qin, Changsha, inadvertently discovered that her husband had a child with her back and another woman outside.

Two people who have experienced the breakdown of marriage have learned from experience and decided to set up a new family

Before I met, Ms. Qin and her husband each had a divorced marriage experience.

After the introduction of the person to do the match, the two people who were unfamiliar with each other knew each other. After a short period of time, the two decided to live together and run a small family together.

After the marriage of Mr. Qin and her husband, Mr. Liu, he welcomed his son full of expectations. Mr. Liu promised that he would work hard to make money to support his family and let the children and his wife live a good life.

During the ten years of marriage, Mr. Liu seriously practiced his promise, and saved wealth for his little family step by step. He stepped up the various flowers of the family step by step.A house.

Regarding her husband, Mr. Liu is often busy at work, although Ms. Qin has always been a little dissatisfied, in the face of a slow life, Ms. Qin attributes everything to her husband’s responsibility.

This also made Ms. Qin, who was remarried, thought she was particularly lucky and could encounter a partner worthy of her life.

After the house was delivered, Ms. Qin lived in a new house with her son.

Ms. Qin, who moved into the new home, was looking forward to that the new house represents the life of their family better, and her life is even more hopeful.

After moving, Ms. Qin accidentally saw a picture of a woman pregnant on her husband’s mobile phone. Ms. Qin began to find.

Sure enough, the sixth sense made Ms. Qin discover two videos.

In the first video, you can clearly see the pregnant belly that a woman is already pregnant.Hands opened the clothes, the exposed belly tall, and the small softness slowly rubbed it on it.

In the second video, a man and a pregnant woman appeared in the camera. The familiar man’s face made Ms. Qin unbelievable.The man ran around with a pregnant woman, looking at the location and geographical location of the rental place.

Who is this woman?

Why should her husband go to the rental environment with her?

Why are she with her husband when she is pregnant?

Is there a relationship between them?

When did they know?

Countless questions are full of Ms. Qin’s mind, and she decided to question her husband.Ask clearly what is going on.

"who is she?"

"What do you do?"

Facing the question of his wife, the husband was obviously impatient, and he even reluctantly explained to clean up his luggage and moved away.

At first Ms. Qin could call her husband, and then Mr. Liu ignored his wife’s phone call.Ms. Qin, who can’t contact her husband, can only let her son call her husband.

Later, Mr. Liu even did not even answer his son’s call.

One day, her son did not return home for a long time. Ms. Qin, who was worried, had to use her neighbor’s mobile phone to contact her husband.After turning on the phone, Mr. Liu was indifferent to his son. After asking a few words, he hurriedly hung up the phone. These made Ms. Qin sad and helpless.

After her husband leaves, she no longer cares about this little family. Even Ms. Qin, who is unable to raise her son alone, can only choose to report the case.

With the help of the police, Ms. Qin knew the woman who was pregnant in the photo.

Ms. Wu herself has no divorce and has her own family.

Facing Ms. Wu’s affairs, Ms. Qin still decided to negotiate with her husband first.

But for Ms. Qin’s step by step, Mr. Liu chose to refuse to cooperate and drag.

Forced to help Ms. Qin, Ms. Qin had to ask her in -laws to ask Er Lao to be the master of herself.

After coming to the door of the in -laws of the in -laws, Ms. Qin had not yet stepped forward. First, she saw her mother -in -law directly closed the door. Ms. Qin knocked on the door and shouted that she would not open the door.

Ms. Qin, who had eaten closed doors, was helpless.

The mother -in -law behind the door was constantly saying something unpleasant, "My son doesn’t want you anymore", "Hurry up, my family does not welcome you."

Ms. Qin, who was at a loss, was at the door and happened to meet her father -in -law.

The father -in -law was mild. In addition to admitting that his son was wrong, he also thought that Ms. Wu, who gave him a child, had certain responsibilities.

"I said he didn’t listen. The child had his own thoughts. I couldn’t control his business." The father -in -law said that he could not do his son’s Lord.

"You can’t ignore us," Ms. Qin begged.

Ms. Qin and her father -in -law opened the door when she was deadlocked. The mother -in -law who couldn’t get out of the door just rushed over.

"I hit you with a faceless," the mother -in -law who rushed out was scolding and hit Ms. Qin. The father -in -law next to her hurriedly came to pull the frame. Ms. Qin’s father -in -law kept saying good words between the two so that they would not quarrel.

The contradiction between Ms. Qin and her mother -in -law also came out. It turned out that a few days ago, Ms. Qin saw a ribs in her in -laws. When she thought of her son, she wanted to stew her son.

After seeing the mother -in -law, he said, "You stew, you will not take you away if you stew."

Ms. Qin explained that she was stewed to the sick son, but her mother -in -law did not listen.The two were arguing, and the mother -in -law accidentally fell, and the injury on her face fell at that time.

Since then, Ms. Qin and her mother -in -law have also been torn her face, forming a lot of beams, and there are always small contradictions and small frictions in daily life.

"Am I in your heart, can I get along with three pounds of pork ribs for ten years!" Ms. Qin cried.

The father -in -law was silent for a while, "I called my son back during the New Year, and I wanted to make you discuss it well, but you poured meals in front of the guests."

It turned out that Ms. Qin’s father -in -law wanted to reconcile Ms. Qin’s husband and wife during the Chinese New Year, so she called and shouted her son back and invited some of Ms. Qin’s mother’s family to allow her son to recruit each other.Things.

Unexpectedly, during the discussion of the two people, Ms. Qin’s husband had always refused to admit it was her fault. She had always argued arguing that the angry Ms. Qin’s emotions out of control set off the table.

"He has a child with other women outside and does not admit it. What can I do?" Ms. Qin said crying.

"We can’t care about your affairs, we are old," said Ms. Qin’s father -in -law and dragged her mother -in -law back home.The old man always thinks that all his daughter -in -law has a bad temper, so that he will set off the table during the Chinese New Year, making things develop out of control. After that, he is uncomfortable to Ms. Qin.

Ms. Qin, who had no choice but to contact Ms. Wu’s husband, and wanted Ms. Wu’s husband to come and solve it.

After contacting Ms. Wu’s husband, the other party said that his marriage had already died, and frankly, "We have not contacted, what do she love, she doesn’t find me, I don’t find her."

"I can’t do it like you, I still have children to raise, and I need him to take responsibility." Ms. Qin moved after listening, and it was reasonable to persuade Ms. Wu’s husband to investigate the other party’s responsibility.

Fortunately, under the persuasion of Ms. Qin, Ms. Wu’s husband decided to help Ms. Qin as much as possible to find Ms. Wu and Ms. Qin’s husband Liu.

Everyone has an indispensable responsibility for the rupture of the two marriages.

The law was incompetent, and the marriage was affectionate. It was found that her husband and other women had a son Qin did not choose to report the case. First of all, it must be considered for her son.

For Mr. Liu and Ms. Wu, they both have major mistakes that betrayed their families.

If the two people know each other and fall in love with each other, they must focus on family and marriage.The loyalty of the couple’s marriage is the cornerstone of maintaining a stable marriage.

As a reorganized family with a divorced experience, Ms. Qin’s husband and wife should learn from experience, cherish the small family, and build a beautiful family atmosphere.Only in this way can the marriage last and make the family happier, because marriage is not just a matter of two people. It is a family matter.

Be betrayal is an extremely taboo in marriage, and no responsible person should make such a mistake.If you are dissatisfied with your current marriage, you can choose to end this marriage and then look for brand new happiness.

If a person has the right to marry, but seek extramarital affairs in private, such behavior cannot be accepted.This is a public order, good custom, legal morality established by the establishment of today’s society.

Ms. Qin’s husband and Ms. Wu formed a family without divorce is a kind of illegal act, which is a provocation of our marriage law.

Extramarital affairs are not only moral imbalances, but also the lack of legal knowledge.Once Ms. Qin and Ms. Wu’s husband choose to appeal, Ms. Qin’s husband and Ms. Wu will no longer be so fearless, and the law will give them a lesson.

Three pounds of pork ribs are small, and the in -laws are big.Home and everything.

In any case, a pair of unreasonable in -laws will not be ignored by the request of his daughter -in -law after the woman and the woman other than their son and daughter -in -law have children.

The three pounds of pork ribs of stewed grandsons shouted and killed, and when the son refused to admit the mistake, when he was eating, his emotions were out of control.One thing came out of the daughter -in -law who begged, and also blocked the last hope of the family’s return to good.

The in -laws ignored the help of the daughter -in -law’s help, and a few words were even more bad for daughter -in -law. They wanted to push their responsibilities to their daughter -in -law.Improper thing about things, help your son.This kind of elders are not good at big and long, and they usually only be more eccentric.

Three pounds of pork ribs are enough to see that several people in daily life are also indifferent. His grandson is not willing to let Ms. Qin take away ribs.The family has long been discordant, and the rupture has long been expected.

A healthy marriage relationship requires the joint understanding of both partners and supporting each other.The loyalty to your partner is the foundation of maintaining marriage. It is the foundation of the dangerous building of marriage.

Once you can’t reach your partner loyalty and dedication, marriage will cause cracks.Loyalty is the emotional needs of husband and wife, and it is also a concrete manifestation of the responsibility between husband and wife.

Marriage starting to produce cracks is just a matter between two people.

But if it is pulled into the third person, it may be derailed with the physical derailment, and may even constitute a crime of getting married.

my country’s law clearly stipulates that my country’s marriage law follows a monogamy system, husband and wife are equal, and the marriage system of freedom of marriage and love.If there are already spouses and the husband and wife with others during the existence of the marriage relationship, or knowing that the other party has a legal spouse, it is still called a crime of a couple.

Ms. Qin’s husband, Mr. Liu, and Ms. Wu, who ignored her legal partner, ignored her children, and set up a small family like a single thing, and even had a child.This has clearly constituted the crime of reconstruction.

The partner can’t do loyalty to his family, no matter how good the feelings will eventually be shattered.

One of the key elements to maintain a stable marriage relationship is to maintain loyalty and dedication.

However, it is not easy to maintain loyalty. There are often things in life that cause quarrels and contradictions between husband and wife. These problems need to be communicated and understood to solve them.

In addition, couples also need to support each other to share family responsibilities and pressure together to ensure the stability and lasting of marriage relationships.

Responsibility for yourself is to be responsible to the family. The loyalty and specialty between husband and wife are not only a moral standard, but also a necessary condition for maintaining family stability and happiness.

Only when each of us always wakes up and maintains the sense of responsibility and emotional investment in the family, can we create a happy life for ourselves and our family.

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