The woman got married twice and died, and she took two years of Chinese medicine to give birth to her son

Changjiang Daily Rong Media, April 12 (Reporter Huang Ying Correspondent Zhang Yan) Due to the opposition of her family, the girl was forced to marry others with her first love lover. She stopped twice in the three years after marriage and returned to her first love.Unexpectedly, "rare diseases" were found after remarriage, and it was difficult to have IVF.She was unwilling to be teased by fate, and she resigned from work. She went to Wuhan for two years from Xiantao and finally had children.On the 12th, the couple specially held their two -month -old son and rushed to Wuhan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital to thank the doctor.

Get married twice and three times and die.

The 26 -year -old Luo Wenwen (pseudonym) came from Xian Tao, and Deng Li (pseudonym) since childhood, but he broke up because of his parents’ opposition. Wenwen married others.After her marriage, she was pregnant twice, but she stopped the fetus inexplicably in the middle, and she was cold.She had no feelings for her husband, and she was simply marrying.

During this period, Deng Li kept remembering Wenwen and did not marry others.The two got married soon.However, Wenwen was pregnant after remarriage, and it was more than 3 months of fetal dying.

Wenwen was unwilling to give up, and decided to go to Wuhan for medical treatment and find Dr. Liu Jia, a gynecological department in Wuhan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital.The test results show that Wenwen’s problem is not in the common factors such as uterus, endocrine, and infection, but that the gene detects the "Robertson Easy", which is an abnormal chromosomal abnormality. It has no effective treatment for natural miscarriage.

Liu Jia suggested that she go to the reproductive medicine department for treatment, but Wenwen could not cure many hospitals.She returned to Liu Jia again and asked her "Dead Horse to Be a Living Horse Doctor".

Liu Jia checked the information and found that Wenwen’s situation in theory is theoretically there is fertility. You can try to adjust the reproductive function from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine to improve the quality of follicles and the uterine environment.She gave Wenwen the phone number and contacted at any time.

Most patients insist on giving up for half a year

Liu Jia said that most patients with recurrence and infertility, most of them can only persist for half a year, and they are anxious to eat without seeing the effect.However, Wenwen’s mentality was very peaceful. He fried medicine at home every day. After that, he had been given a fetus. He had been taking it for nearly two years, and few were willing to persist for so long.

"She is a challenge to me, because I am not so confused. But she feels that I can accept everything and believe me very much." Liu Jia said.

In April 2017, Wenwen was pregnant under the guidance of Liu Jia, and heard the doctor’s words and quickly went to the hospital to protect the fetus. In the 4 months of hospitalization, Dr. Liu’s words were "imperial."To take fetal medicine, Liu Jia temporarily changed a doctor to open a doctor. She did not recognize it. She must wait for Liu Jia to come back.

In the past two years, every time Wenwen was retracted, Deng Li would accompany him. When he was hospitalized, he let go of his work every day to serve the hospital. He was moved to see that the medical staff were moved.He has a good attitude, because of chromosomal problems, some production inspection items have not been able to do it. He said, "Even if there is a problem, we recognize it."

Finally, a miracle happened.In January of this year, Wenwen, who was carefully survived during pregnancy, gave birth to a healthy son. The first person to notify the couple was Liu Jia.

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