The woman knew that her boyfriend was married, and the fallopian tube was removed after ectopic pregnancy. "He confessed that there are 3 girlfriends"

According to Chongqing Radio and Television-1st eye report, Ms. Liu, a local resident, was 30 years old. A few months ago, Ms. Liu, who was single, met a 33-year-old man on dating software.Marry with him, otherwise I won’t ask him repeatedly, "Are you an unmarried single" question? "

Ms. Liu provided with the man’s WeChat chat record. On March 13 this year, the woman asked, "You are unmarried," and the man answered "You must". In the case of learning that the man was unmarried, Ms. Liu established love with him.The relationship and further intimate actions, "At that time, I said that he asked him to prepare a condom, and he told me that he would give birth to a child, and he would."

In the chat record on March 17, the female asked him "how long do you plan to get married and give birth to a baby", and the man replied, "We are born with our age."

Some time ago, Ms. Liu found that she was pregnant, and she quickly told the man to the man, "Under the case of pregnancy, he told me that" do it ", his attitude turned.God asked him again, whether you are married, he admits to me that it is married. "

Ms. Liu said that her purpose of falling in love was to get married. I did not expect that the man was a husband.Chongqing Radio and Television-The first reporter also dialed the man’s phone to verify the situation. "Married, I did conceal this fact."

Ms. Liu said, "He confessed to me, met a lot of girls, and confessed to me. In addition to me, there are three other relationships at the same time."After she was pregnant, you told her that you have three or four girlfriends in dating, right? "The man said," I said it, said. "

The man confessed to Ms. Liu in WeChat that the reason why she was derailed was because their lives with their wives were not harmonious and their lives were too dull.

After negotiation, the man promised that as long as Ms. Liu went to the fetus, the man would pay her 80,000 yuan to her. "I did transfer 10,000 yuan for me, but when we met the money, he said that I needed to make this operation.After that, he could give me the rest of the (70,000 yuan) money. "After receiving the man’s 10,000 yuan bank transfer, Ms. Liu went to the hospital for an artificial abortion surgery.

Unexpectedly, things are not as simple as imagined. The results of the examination are ectopic pregnancy. "When the ectopic pregnancy was detected on the same day, the doctor said that he must be hospitalized immediately, because he would bleed, (Ms. Liu) would be in danger of life.It also removed the fallopian tube on one side. The chance of pregnancy in the future will be reduced by about 50%, which is huge irreversible damage. "

Ms. Liu had surgery and removed the fallopian tubes on one side. Recently, she was discharged from the hospital. In the past few days after the operation, she has always contacted the man, hoping that the other party has obeyed the promise and paid the remaining 70,000 yuan.After receiving the transfer of 10,000 yuan, the remaining 70,000, he did not give it to me. "

However, the man said that he had already paid the remaining 70,000 yuan to Ms. Liu."She received my 80,000 money, but she refused to admit that she had premeditated this." The reporter asked about 70,000 now, right?The man said, "Yes." Is there any credentials at that time?The man said, "It is no, she has premeditated, and I have also said. This incident does not rule out the possibility of walking (her) criminal extortion." For this matter, the two sides have not reached an agreement.

Xiaoxiang Morning News Comprehensive Chongqing Radio and Television-No. 1 Eye

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