The woman was infertile three years after marriage, and she was pregnant after remarriage.

There are countless troubles of life.Happiness is always around others, and troubles are always entangled in their hearts.Some people are very happy, but they seem to be troubled; some people should have trouble, but they look very happy.People who live confused, be happy at will;In fact, it is not that the trouble cannot be separated from you, but that you can’t put it down.In fact, everyone is happy.However, your happiness is often in the eyes of others.

I have been married to my ex -husband for three years, but in the three years of marriage, I have lived well at all. Two people often quarrel.The reason why he was separated was because of the three years of our two married children, and there were no children.

The ex -husband’s house is relatively heavy on the surface. When he was married with him, this mother -in -law was a variety of urging. Let us have a child earlier, but I don’t know how to go back.But I just ca n’t conceive the child. The two people live a little uncomfortable. My mother -in -law is particularly hurtful to speak at home.In addition, I had no children after marriage with my ex -husband. Later, my mother -in -law forced me to leave with my ex -husband. After leaving, I married with my current husband. My husband was also married.Soon, the two had their own children. When I had a body, my face was particularly happy.

Thinking of my ex -husband’s house on the surface, I often say that I am infertile and pushing all my obligations to me. I was particularly uncomfortable. When I was in my body, I went to my ex -husband’s house.Thinking about the intention to be atm with them, let them know that this was not the cause of my child, not my cause, but when I arrived at my ex -husband’s house, I was stunned there. There was a ex -husband’s house.The boy who was born shortly, I was dumbfounded at the time. They also said that the child was my ex -husband, and I later learned that the ex -husband and I left the past.Leave me because of my superficial woman.Soon after leaving me, he gave birth to a boy.

However, you said, how can we have the two after the two of us, but after me and he separated, they can have children. What do you say?

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