The woman was pregnant, and I asked her to get a fetus, but she was not forgiven?

Today, Xiao Ai saw a question and answer that refreshed my three views!

This is the case, I use the first person to narrate.

I am thirty years old and have been in time with my girlfriend for more than ten years.At the end of May this year, she told me that I was pregnant. At that time, I told her that I would talk about me.

In fact, I don’t want this child in my heart, but I know I am not qualified to say exit, so I kept dragging.After half a month, I looked for her, and euphemistically told her not to want this child. She cried and broke up.In the end, I was helpless, I said to stay.

She asked me to tell people at home to get married, and I didn’t want to say it, so I kept dragging.In mid -to -late June, she urged the matter again, and I told her parents.At this time, my grandma was sick and hospitalized. There was no money at home, and my parents could not arrange for this.

I told her the situation at home that she was very dissatisfied and asked for at least 100,000 yuan to raise funds for the child, because I still have 50,000 foreign debt, and she thinks that 100,000 is not much.But I feel stressful, I don’t want this child, I want her to kill it.

She was particularly angry and sent the screenshot of 8 weeks of pregnancy with my WeChat circle of friends.

I didn’t know at the time. The next morning, I was seen by relatives at home. I called at home and asked the situation. My mother was so angry that I felt very guilty and I was sorry for my parents.

It’s just that let her get rid of her child, she will force me so much, I can’t stand her anymore!It’s not that I don’t want this child, but she wants me to prepare a sum of money for the child now. She feels that she should not have enough. The child must not prepare money, but I can’t get it out!

When I saw this recommendation, I had only one idea.He felt wronged, and Xiao Ai still felt that girls were wronged!

I took my mind and found eight major problems.

One: Ten years of division, the girl gave him the best youth, and he didn’t want to marry others, and he did not break up, dragging others.You must know that the man has been thirty, and after ten years of love, the girl should also be about thirty.

Second: Since you don’t want to go to others, you don’t have to take safety measures, which shows that he is selfish.

Third: I tell you that I am pregnant, and even urged again and again, but the men are dragged again and again. They have to drag the girls into a big belly for induction of labor, or get married with a big belly.

Fourth: There is no deposit at the age of thirty. Instead, there are 50,000 yuan of foreign debt. The girl did not dislike the boy and followed him for ten years. It is a great miracle!

Fifth: The whole paragraph is expressing his grievances, making the girls threatening the boy to get married with the children. Does the child continue to be spoiled without breaking up?Then waste for more than ten years and be a friend?

Six: Girls require 100,000 yuan as children’s funds, not colorful gifts, but men are still too much?Is it possible that the other party can’t run away, and the big stomach is counted as a big belly?

Seven: The girl sent her news to the male circle of friends. She hoped that the man would take the responsibility of being a man. As a result, the man was guilty, but was it just guilty about the old lady who had a headache?Shouldn’t this be guilty to the girl?

Eighth: Just let her kill her children. This "just" is to be drawn and examined.

In summary, the man wants to be cool and not responsible.I didn’t say irresponsible, and he planned to continue dragging. It was best to wait until the girl’s belly was getting bigger and bigger, and then there was no way to induce labor!

How bad the heart is, how bad this person is.If you don’t want you, just say it, let girls get fetal early.What’s more, even if you don’t want children, why don’t you bring a set?You don’t want to marry someone, why do you waste time?

Fortunately, the netizens who Zhihu are clearly righteous.

Xiao Ai has always emphasized that girls must protect themselves, cherish themselves, and their bodies are their own. As girls, they can suffer a little, but men cannot appreciate it.You are pregnant, you have his flesh in your belly, but he is still a small child. What a sad thing this is!

Really, when choosing a boyfriend, girls must brighten their eyes. Here, Xiaoai has several suggestions for girls.

First, protect yourself, this is the topic that Xiaoai has always emphasized.The body is the girl itself. Even if it is verbally speaking of the equality of men and women, after all, there are unequal places. Sexual behaviors must take safety measures, otherwise the girl will be suffering.Don’t listen to men’s words and win -win, it is a ghost of deceiving people to bed.

Second, falling in love depends on character.Love will continue to pass over time, and eventually become affection and responsibility.A man with a strong sense of responsibility, he will consider his wife’s feelings and will not go out to confuse.The man with a strong sense of responsibility, the love is gone, and the person is gone. He only leaves you alone to keep the empty room and lick the wound.

Third, do not have a relationship with him before ensuring the opponent’s character, do not indulge in the love river and cannot extricate himself.

Fourth, falling in love can spend time, but it must not be too long. Generally, two years are sufficient. Except for campus love, it is enough for two years to leave society.If the other party’s career is still unsuccessful in the past two years, then he proposed that he would not get married first, and wait for his career to be good. When you get married, you will break up.Because the standard of improvement in the career is in a broad sense, you can’t be sure that he really thinks so, or ride a donkey to find a horse.The ancients said that "the family set up a business", first became a family, and then established a business.Marriage does not mean that you want children immediately. What is so entangled?Love you, no matter how difficult it is, he will give you a home, and the child can say it later.

Fifth, Mom Baoan is not advisable, and he will break up again, because he can’t give your future.

The above is the suggestion of Xiao Ai. Xiao Ai hopes that every girl should not be hurt. They can be happy to find the one they love!

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